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Redhead Skin Care: Myths and Truths

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There are a lot of myths when it comes to redhead skin care and redhead skin problems. Unfortunately these common misconceptions get shared over and over, making it hard to separate what is fact and what is fiction. Read on to see the most common redhead skin care myths surrounding redhead skin problems and the truths behind them. If you want to read our redhead skin care survival guide, click here!

MYTH: “One-size-fits-all” cleansers will work for redheads with sensitive skin.

TRUTH: Delicate skin needs a formula created specifically for delicate complexions, like Bioelements Sensitive Skin Cleanser – which gently cleanses without irritating side effects. Skin care for redheads should definitely include formulas specifically designed to help delicate and sensitive skin.


MYTH: What you eat has no affect on your skin

TRUTH: More and more studies are linking diet with skin issues – sensitivity included. Spicy food can act as a skin stimulant, promoting sensitivities and redhead skin problems. Alcohol and caffeine can also trigger stimulation. Monitor how you skin reacts and cut back when possible.


MYTH: Sensitive skin should not exfoliate

TRUTH: Exfoliation is crucial for all skin types, including redhead skin – it helps turn over new, healthy cells and rids skin of a dulling “crust” of dead cells. You just have to find one formulated for sensitive skin, like the soothing, cooling Measured Micrograins +.


MYTH: DIY kitchen concoctions are great for sensitive skin.

TRUTH: A mask made from the contents of your fridge can do more harm than good (or sometimes just do nothing at all). Instead of trusting Pinterest for your redhead skin care, only trust skin care products that are designed and tested for efficacy and safety.


MYTH: If the product says “sensitive” – it will work for my skin

TRUTH: Always check the ingredients first: Don’t use anything that lists artificial colorants (red, yellow, blue dye), synthetic fragrances or perfume, parabens, or DEA as an ingredient – they can further irritate sensitive skin. In fact, there are even some big-name drugstore brands that market themselves as “sensitive,” and hide these harmful ingredients in their formulas! Products with the statement “Dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating” are always a great option for redhead skin.


MYTH: My sensitive skin and wrinkles are not related

TRUTH: When sensitive skin is irritated, invisible inflammation sets in, encouraging the production of free radical that cause wrinkles and skin-aging signs. Using the right redhead skin care for sensitive skin will also help prevent wrinkles in the long run.

If you have any questions about redhead skin care or sensitive skin, ask us in the comments below!


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