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The Ultimate Guide to Vitamin C Skin Care

The Ultimate Guide to Vitamin C Skin Care

Our expert estheticians have the answers to all your questions about the potent antioxidant.

Q: Do I need to use vitamin C on my skin?

A: Vitamin C is for everyone and anyone who is looking to address and combat the accumulative daily damage to their skin,” says Dawn Gantt, licensed esthetician and Bioelements Education + Success Manager. “Consider it one of your first lines of defense against visible signs of skin aging.”

Q: How does vitamin C work?

A: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical skin damage. Free radicals are unstable molecules (caused by UV, pollution - our own bodies even produce them) that cause oxidative stress and speed up the appearance of lines, sagging and discoloration. Vitamin C works by binding to these free radicals, to prevent oxidative damage and it can help prevent signs of premature aging by stimulating the production of collagen, which deteriorates as we age.

“Antioxidants improve your skin’s natural regeneration process to repair damaged cells,” says Debbie Jones, licensed esthetician and Bioelements Educator + Success Manager. “Vitamin C works by binding to these free radicals to prevent oxidative damage and help delay age signs.”

Q: What skin concerns does vitamin C target?

  • dull skin

  • sun damage (hyperpigmentation) and post-acne spots

  • enlarged pores

  • rough texture

  • lines + wrinkles

  • loss of firmness

Q: What percentage of vitamin C is best?
A: Some formulas promote a high percentage of vitamin C, but pushing up the percentage can increase the chance of irritation, breakouts or bumps. Vitamin C derivatives are safer and more effective for the skin, because they are more stable and less irritating than the active form of vitamin C. Bioelements vc10 daily glow and vc10 nightly bright are properly calibrated with stabilized 10% vitamin C triple-sourced from vitamin C derivatives + natural acerola cherries (which have 65x greater vitamin C than oranges!) to minimize ittitation.

Q: Should I use vitamin C in the day or night? Can vitamin C be used every day/24 hours?
A: Vitamin C can be used day and night! But be sure to look for vitamin C formulas that are specifically formulated for AM/PM use. When correctly formulated and tested for stability, your skin can reap the many benefits of this potent antioxidant, 24 hours a day.

how to get 24 hours of vitamin C benefits
IN THE AM: apply vc10 daily glow vitamin C serum. This potent C serum gives skin serious glow, as it fights free radical damage like lines, spots and sag caused by sun, pollution and chronological aging.

IN THE PM: apply vc10 nightly bright. This overnight sensation brightens, hydrates and delivers radiance as it fights photoaging.

Both formulas are powered by a signature vc10 concentration of 10% stabilized vitamin C triple-sourced from C derivatives + natural acerola cherries.

Q: Can I use vitamin C with other ingredients?
While different skin types will tolerate formulas differently, follow these guidelines for best results.

Vitamin C and AHAs/BHAs (alpha and beta hydroxy acids)
Chemical exfoliants are acidic ingredients, and vitamin C is too. If you notice irritation or sensitization when layering these formulas, switch to using them at different times or altering the days for usage.

Vitamin C and Retinol
If you are using a formula with retinol, we recommend using it only at night. And - if you find a formula that has microencapsulated, time-released retinol (like Sleepwear), it can be layered right on top of a vitamin C formula that is specifically calibrated to minimize irritation (like vc10 Nightly Bright).

Vitamin C and Benzoyl Peroxide
If you are using benzoyl peroxide to target breakouts, we recommend altering the days/times you use vitamin C. This is because if used together, benzoyl peroxide can oxidize the Vitamin C, and counteract the effects of both ingredients.

Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid
These two ingredients are a match made in heaven. When combined, they can boost the results of each other. Look for a super hydrating hyaluronic acid serum like Moisture x10.

Q: How long does it take to see results from vitamin C?

A: The longer you use vitamin C, the better results you’ll see. A great vitamin C formula can deliver brighter, smoother skin fast. And when you consistently use vitamin C 24/hours a day, you’ll notice an improvement in sun damage/spots, skin clarity, and loss of firmness within several weeks. Look for a vitamin C formula backed by clinical results.

Q: Do I need a moisturizer with a vitamin C serum?

A: Different skin types need different levels of moisturization. When using vitamin C in the daytime, we recommend to always follow it with a moisturizing broad spectrum sunscreen. At night, use a vitamin C creme to deliver moisturization - and if your skin still feels dry, you can apply a moisturizer over your vitamin C.

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