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6 Ways to Get Glowing Skin

6 Ways to Get Glowing Skin

Sure, highlighters and illuminating makeup can create the illusion of radiant skin that glows. But if you don’t want to fake a lit-from-within look and are what to know how to get glowing skin naturally, the right products and ingredients can create beautiful skin that emanates luminosity. To create a glowing skin routine, follow these glowing skin tips—the more dedicated you are to your glowing skin routine, the more radiant your skin will appear.


Creating a clean slate is the first step in creating naturally glowing skin. When dirt, oil, product buildup, and other contaminants bog down the skin, it can’t function optimally, nor can it make use of other skincare products. Cleansing with a barrier repairing cleanser removes every last trace of the day and fully breaks down makeup, too. A gentle oil makeup-remover-plus-cleanser can soothe the skin with plant and olive oils, along with fatty acid-rich glow-boosters like vitamin E and hemp seed oil.

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Exfoliation is necessary for radiant, glowy skin. Removing dead skin cells from the surface creates smoother skin and allows new skin cells to surface. Post-exfoliation, skin better reflects light, which makes it glow naturally. Plus, regular exfoliation helps to strengthen the skin barrier to lock in moisture and keep out glow-zappers, like environmental and free radical aggressors.

One-three times per week, exfoliate with a deep skin-purging treatment like Kerafole. This cult classic, quick fix instantly removes impurities and opens up clogged pores with a blend of tried-and-true acids like citric and malic. As a bonus, the mask never leaves skin feeling tight, dry, or irritated, thanks to hydrating algae and stimulating ginkgo biloba and kelp. For intense brightening, use the treatment daily for one week in your glowing skin routine.

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When the skin is well hydrated, it takes on a radiant glow. Just like regular exfoliating, daily moisturizing allows the skin to reflect light as it should for brighter-looking skin. Plus, moisturized skin always looks plumper and healthier than dry skin.

For a dose of deep hydration, apply a layer of a super hydrating maskthat will act like a tall drink of water for dehydrated skin. A hyaluronic acid-, xylitol- and sugar beet-rich immersion mask delivers hydration to the driest layers of the skin to balance out water loss.

Finally, try this glowing skin tip for an extra boost: apply the moisturizing mask to damp skin (post-cleansing or showering) to really lock in hydration.

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One of the best glowing skin tips is to incorporate antioxidant-rich vitamin C to get glowing skin naturally. Not only does it protect against environmental aggressors, which can dull your glow, but it also brightens by reversing discoloration and sun damage. Plus, vitamin C is known to halt the formation of dark spots by blocking the production of melanin, which is responsible for discoloration.

To achieve that healthy glow, layer on a triple-sourced 10% vitamin C serum— like vc10 Daily Glow, which won’t irritate even the most sensitive skins. This powerhouse radiance revealer also counts natural acerola cherries as a key ingredient to rev up the skin’s glowy factor, even out skin tone, and fight the causes of collagen breakdown. Suitable for all skin types, the cooling gel contains form-stable vitamin C, which means that it won’t break down in potency over time and is just as effective on day one as it is until the very last drop.

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Peptides are one of the most potent collagen-stimulating, skin-firming, complexion brighteners in the skincare ingredient toolbox. These tiny messenger amino acids make the skin look firmer, smoother, and less inflamed, all of which are factors for brighter, glowing skin.

Treating the skin to a few spritzes of a peptide facial toner morning and night infuses it with renewing peptides while simultaneously hydrating it. Power Peptide nourishing toning mist also features white tea leaf extract and licorice for an extra boost of brightness.


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If you’re wondering how to get glowing skin naturally in next to no time, then you’ll want to incorporate a facial oil into your daily glowing skin routine. Most oils contain a blend of plant extracts that replenish and nurture the skin, making it look brighter. However, the key to getting a gorgeous glow is to use an oil, like Dewluxe, that boasts ingredients such as argan oil, sea kale, and squalene to lock in moisture and repair barrier lipids. The more you use this luxe oil, the plumper and more radiant-looking the skin becomes.

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