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Before + After Results

Real people with real results from Bioelements products and treatments

Acne + Inflammation

Acne can manifest on the skin in many ways. For esthetician @lamusepdx, it was caused by hormonal changes and a lack of a consistent, correct at home agenda. After adopting a gentle, barrier-reparative approach with both at-home and in-spa treatments, major improvements began to appear.

Products + treatments incorporated included:

Sensitivity + Barrier Repair

Many people with sensitive skin also have a damaged skin barrier, which can exacerbate redness and irritation. Without a healthy and protected skin barrier, any results from products and treatments will be temporary - that's why we created our Sensitive Skin + Barrier Repair line.

Licensed Bioelements esthetician Morgan performed two Bioelements Calming Facials and used the following products on her client to achieve these results in just six weeks:

Acne Scars + Texture

Scarring from acne can manifest in different ways (hyperpigmentation, pitting and more). Targeting acne scars can be a long process, so it's critical to be patient and understand the commitment it takes to see significant, lasting results.

Licensed Bioelements esthetician Tara had a client with significant acne scars and texture issues. In conjunction with a microdermabrasion treatment, Tara used the following Bioelements products to achieve these results in one session:

Maskne + Breakouts

Licensed Bioelements esthetician Katrina achieved these clear + radiant results in just one month thanks to Skin Editor, our leave on at-home chemical peel creme, which helped her tackle her ongoing "maskne" issues and persistent hormonal breakouts.

Redness + Mature Skin

Salon Sava shared that this mature client's skin was struggling with visible redness and sensitivities. With the help of consistent + personalized Bioelements Custom Blend Facial treatments every 6 weeks, along with switching to a curated at-home skin care routine with the following Bioelements products, this client was able to achieve these amazing results within a year:

Acne + Breakouts

There can be many causes to why someone may experience breakouts, including hormonal changes, excess oil production, or large pores. Because of this, it's important to take a holistic approach to treating acne, as skin care is one element that can help heal existing pimples and help prevent future breakouts. Patience and time is also needed, since results vary by person.

Claire has combination skin and struggled with acne. In conjunction with a topical prescription from her doctor, Claire used the following Bioelements products to achieve clear results:

Melasma + Sun Damage

Alie shares that her journey of tackling sun damage and melasma over the last 2 years featured prescriptions, dedicated sunscreen application + reapplication and a treatment plan of professional facials and an at-home agenda customized by her licensed esthetician - which included the following Bioelements products:

Redness + Acne Scars

Licensed Bioelements esthetician Leela of Wild Side Spa shared that this client's amazing results come after just 3 treatments of our Bioelements Ultra Detox Chemical Peels every 3 weeks (9 weeks total).


Farhin struggles with congestion, acne + hyperpigmentation. They used our VC10 Daily Glow vitamin C serum every morning to help even out skin tone and improve overall radiance in just 3 weeks.

Dullness + Uneven Skin Tone

Licensed Bioelements esthetician Bobbi used the following Bioelements products on her client to achieve these results in just one Bioelements Custom Blend Facial session:

Acne + Breakouts

Licensed Bioelements esthetician Carly said her client was struggling with inflamed, hormonal acne. She performed one Bioelements Acne Clearing Facial and used the following Bioelements products to achieve these results in less than two weeks:

Texture + Makeup Application

Marissa was struggling with visible skin texture and last makeup application. Once she switched to using our Bioelements 3-Step Starter Set for Combination Skin, she said she no longer deals with redness, milia or large pores - and her makeup now applies seamlessly. The same makeup products were used in both photos, and in just a few months, Bioelements made a significant difference in her skin's health and appearance.

Acne + Hyperpigmentation

Licensed Bioelements esthetician Erin of Dew Esthetics said her client was struggling with oily skin and acne, as well as patches of dryness from eczema. She created a personalized treatment plan that included our modern Bioelements Ultra Detox Chemical Peels every 2-3 weeks, along with a curated at-home agenda, with the following products to achieve these results in 3 months:

Congestion + Teen Skin

The importance of taking care of your skin cannot be understated. Teen skin can become especially congested, and this particular client is an athlete who hadn't made skin care a priority. Removing excess buildup from sweat and dead skin reveals smoother, less textured and an even complexion, along with a consistent at-home skin care regimen.

Licensed Bioelements esthetician Gabrielle performed just one Teen Facial and used the following Bioelements products to achieve these results:

Congestion + Impurities

Licensed Bioelements esthetician Emma struggles with skin that is prone to showing signs of stress and hormones. She participated in our at-home 7-Day Kerafole Purge to achieve these glowing results in just a week with our Kerafole treatment mask.


Deanna was struggling with dull skin and wanted to restore balance and glow to her tired complexion. She used the following Bioelements products to achieve these results in just one week:

Acne + Teen Skin

This teen client’s complexion is looking much happier + healthier thanks to Bioelements, with significantly reduced t-zone congestion and improved skin clarity after only 3 weeks. Mariel's Laser recommended the following Bioelements products to her teen client for consistent at-home use in order to achieve these results:

Congestion + Blackheads

Nico struggles with congestion. Her licensed esthetician performed a Bioelements Custom Blend Facial with a skin sedation mask and extractions, using the following Bioelements products to achieve these results in one treatment:

Sensitivity + Eczema

Our Sensitive Skin + Barrier Repair line was formulated to target irritation and redness and to calm reactive skin while helping to strengthen the skin barrier. For those who struggle with conditions like eczema, these products hope to help soothe skin and minimize flare-ups.

Serena has sensitive skin and struggles with eczema, especially during the winter. She is also active and wanted to wash away sweat and impurities after her workouts. Serena used the following Bioelements products to achieve these results:

Acne + Breakouts

Lauren is an esthetician who struggled with severe breakouts. In conjunction with light therapy, high frequency and microdermabrasion treatments, she was treated with consistent Bioelements Custom Blend Facials and Bioelements Chemical Peels, along with following Bioelements products at home to heal her skin and achieve these results in a year:

Dry Skin + Dullness

Dull, dry skin is a common problem - and cold winter weather can make it that much worse. Exfoliation is key to revealing a hydrated, natural glow year-round.

Esthetics student Dylan performed just one Bioelements Enzyme Exfoliation Treatment to achieve this exceptional radiance. He used the following Bioelements products on his client to achieve these results:

  • EnzymeTherapy (pro-use-only)

Acne + Breakouts

Hannah is an esthetics student who struggles with breakouts. She committed to using the following Bioelements products to achieve these results in just three months:

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