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What to Expect After a Chemical Peel: Everything You Need to Know

Chemical peels are one of the most misunderstood spa treatments – many of us immediately think of tabloid magazine photos we’ve seen of a celebrity with red, flaking, painful looking skin.  But those images are the result of old, outdated chemical peel formulas that can result in some unpleasant side effects. Today, omni-benefit, modern chemical peel […]


Hyperpigmentation removal: What you need to know

Do you suffer from sun spots, discoloration or dark acne scars? You’re not alone. Dark spots and discoloration, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation, are one of the most common skin concerns in the United States, especially if you have a darker skin tone.  Keep reading to learn about hyperpigmentation removal now.   Hyperpigmentation: Types and causes […]


Expert Estheticians: Interview with Rita Holland

Next in our Expert Estheticians series, we sat down with a licensed esthetician and skin care expert, Rita Holland of Marguerite’s Skin Care & Makeup , to answer some of the top skin questions. Holland is based in Bloomingdale, Illinois and is an official Bioelements Ambassador. She is a part of the large web of skin […]


The best nighttime skin care tips

On the hunt for the perfect nighttime skin care routine? Our estheticians weigh in with their top five tips. Plus, keep reading to learn the correct nighttime skin care routine order.   Estheticians’ top 5 nighttime skin care routine tips: “Don’t underestimate the power of a nightly skin care routine. In addition to the obvious […]


How to repair your skin barrier

Are your biggest skin concerns caused by something you’ve never heard of? They could be! Estheticians have long recognized the importance of healthy skin barriers – but many people outside of the industry have never even heard of them. You cannot have skin that is supple, healthy and protected if your barrier is damaged. Plus, […]


Help – my skin looks dull! 10 surprising dull skin causes

Help – my skin looks dull! Unfortunately there are many different dull skin causes and it can be difficult to narrow down the culprit on your own. Don’t fret – keep reading to learn the top 10 surprising dull skin causes and the best dull skin remedies.   10 Dull skin causes Ever wonder why […]


How to make life easier: 7 insanely easy skin hacks

  Think you don’t have the time or patience for a complete, effective skin care routine? Think again – our skin “hacks” make it easy to get great skin. Plus, they actually make the rest of your daily routine easier, too. Read on for 7 easy skin hacks from the skin care pros:   #1: Create […]


Expert Estheticians: Interview with Nina Holt

Next in our Expert Estheticians series, we sat down with a licensed esthetician and skin care expert, Nina Holt of Westwood Studio and spa, to answer some of the top skin questions. Holt is an official Bioelements Ambassador and is a part of the large web of skin care experts that help Bioelements provide you […]


The best sunscreen for runners + 5 tips you need to know

Calling all walkers, joggers and runners – do you take care of your skin while you run? Whether you’re a running enthusiast with multiple marathons under your belt or just enjoy the occasional jog, you need to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Keep reading to see our favorite tips and the best […]


Hot weather skin care: How to survive the summer

Summer poses some unique challenges when it comes to skin care. Between sweat, humidity, heat, UV rays, and swimming pool chlorine, summer can wreak havoc on your skin. Keep reading to see the hot weather skin care you need to keep your skin fresh, comfortable and looking its best.   Summer skin care essentials “My […]