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10 reasons you need a professional face massage

10 reasons you need a professional face massage

Spa facials and professional face massage techniques make all the difference between okay and truly great skin. Facial massage is more than just relaxing. When done properly, different face massage techniques can relieve facial tension, lift facial muscles, assist the flow of the lymphatic system, reduce puffiness and more. Keep reading to learn about different professional face massage techniques and why you definitely need them in your life.


Why you need professional facial treatments

You absolutely need both professional treatments and high quality at-home skin care to achieve your best skin. Regular spa treatments can help tackle a multitude of different skin concerns, like acne, premature aging, rough texture, congestion, irritation and so much more. Even if you don't have any major skin concerns, the truth is that certain esthetic treatments help prevent future concerns that may appear.

While high quality skin care is essential for great skin, estheticians have access to professional-use-only formulas and techniques, like specific face massage techniques, stronger versions of over the counter products, chemical peels, custom blended concentrates and more.

"Plus, a good esthetician is an expert in skin physiology, microbiology, intimate knowledge of the muscles, bones, nerves and other systems of the face, neck and shoulders, and even the entire body if they are to perform body treatments." –Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education

They know specific facial massages that will give your skin a workout. They will also know exactly how to customize the face massage techniques to be customized for each individual, depending on the formula used, the types of movements performed and how they are linked together. Even the speed and amount of pressure applied with their hands will affect the amount of stimulation and the results. You can always trust that they are in complete control.

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10 Face massage techniques & benefits

There are countless more movements that only a professional will know which is why it is critical to always receive professional spa facials. Your esthetician will be able to customize the movements to give you the specific face massage benefits your skin needs. Just look at these examples of facial massage techniques and their benefits:

1) Repetitive movements with knuckles or fingertips relieve facial tension, lift and exercise facial muscles, and help remove metabolic waste.

2) Acupressure movements, like the ones in the video below, increase metabolic activity at the point of contact to help move excess fluid to reduce "puffiness" (especially under your eyes!) and stimulate nerve endings and boost circulation for a more awake, youthful appearance.

3) Circular movements using the middle three fingers exercise the different facial muscles, relieve tension, soften lines, wrinkles and move toxins.

4) Holding the base of the head (under the occipital ridge) and using body weight to lean back and stretch the spine assists in opening up the lymphatic clavicle drainage and eases tension in the neck, head and shoulders.

5) Effleurage movements, like the ones in the video below, helps relieve trapped fluid and toxins, aids in stress relief and relaxation. These movements also work to brighten the skin and even lift up tissue to prevent sagging by stimulating microcirculation.

6) The direction of sliding movements also matters – slow, light pressure and sliding movements effectively assists the flow and direction of the lymphatic system.

7) Repetitive "ironing" movements work to 'erase' wrinkles, tension, sagging and help you into a suspended state of relaxation.

8) Some movements, such as the slow, figure of 8 on the temples, eases eye area tension and soften eye area lines/wrinkles.

9) Certain isolated, lifting movements aid in muscle rejuvenation. In addition to lifting the muscles, these types of movements ease facial tension and facial sinus pressure – these types of movements can even be good for allergies!

10) Upward movements work in the opposite direction of gravity, so these movements stimulate muscles and nerve endings. This also helps ease fine lines and wrinkles.

Truth be told, most professional face massage techniques work to stimulate muscles and relieve facial tension, providing additional relaxation.

Want to learn more step by step facial massage techniques? Head to our YouTube, or if you're a professional esthetician, register on our pro site here for full step by step guides.



The right massage product formulas

While some people think any lotion or oil-based product will work for massage, the truth is that the products your esthetician uses during massage are critically important to achieve the best results.

"Bioelementsmassage formulas are not just a 'base' to provide slip for your massage. Our formulas were created to nourish, purify, hydrate repair and lubricate skin with each massage movement. Antioxidants, plant extracts and essential oils are infused into either an oil, creme or gel base. In some cases, the formulas don't even need to be removed- so they are an essential part of the spa service to provide anti-aging and skin strengthening benefits as well as provide a vehicle for your professional techniques." – Teresa Stenzel

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