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What Causes Oily Skin? How to Get Rid of Oily Skin.


Have you ever asked yourself “Why is my skin so oily?” or wondered how to get rid of oily skin? You’re not alone. There’s an epidemic of oily skin currently happening from coast to coast. Think it can’t happen to you? It can!

Excess oil doesn’t just happen to those with genetically oily skin – virtually anyone can experience an oily face in the form of breakthrough shine and excess oil throughout the day. In fact, in a recent poll:

76% of people said they experience occasional to frequent breakthrough shine.

Are you one of the many who want to get rid of oily skin? Read on to learn your oily skin causes and treatments.


8 Reasons Why Your Skin is so Oily

To learn how to manage an oily face, you need to know the most common oily skin causes. So what are the causes of oily skin? Start by asking yourself the following questions:

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, (and we bet you did), your skin can experience breakthrough oil and excess shine.  Stress, medications, hormones, incorrect products and changes in seasons can rob skin of needed moisture, causing it to produce a surge of oil to compensate for what’s lacking; overuse of products and tanning can strip and injure skin, causing it to go into “protect” mode – and produce excess oil, too.

If you’re still asking the question “why is my face so oily?”scroll to the bottom of this article to see our oily skin infographic. If you pinpoint the cause and use the correct products, you can eliminate your oily skin especially your face – as long as you continually manage it.


Oily skin remedies: Which ones work?

There are many oily skin remedies and oily face treatments online that actually make matters worse. Many oily skin sufferers turn to oil blotting papers for a “quick fix”, but they actually increase oil production and can even cause acne.

While oil blotting sheets may temporarily reduce surface oil, in the long run they just push and drag the dirt, oil, pollution and grime back down deep into your pores. This creates an oxygen-free environment deep inside pores that P. acnes bacteria thrive in, creating breakouts, blackheads, bumps and overall skin congestion.

Another harmful fad sweeping social media and drugstore shelves are “pore fillers”. Your pores are responsible for oil production – so if you have genetically oily skin, you will have larger pores to accommodate more oil production. Even if your oily skin is not genetic, producing excess sebum will cause pores to stretch. “Pore fillers” claim to minimize pores and oil production, but in reality they fill and stretch pores, only making them larger!

Both of these ‘oily skin hacks’ provide temporary solutions that lead to more problems down the line. Instead of trying to mask the problem, treat it at the source with the right oily skin care:


How to get rid of oily skin

Manage oily skin with this professional, esthetician-approved skin care routine:

cleanser for oily skin, oily skin cleanser

CLEANSE: Decongestant Cleanser

This lathering gel cleanser for oily skin removes all traces of impurities, excess oil, and makeup. Choosing the right cleanser for oily skin is crucial, but how often you cleanse is important too. Cleansing more than twice a day strips your skin and dehydrates it, causing your skin to respond with a surge of more oil to compensate for what’s been stripped away.

Apply two pumps to wet skin and massage over face. Rinse with warm water and lightly pat dry. Use AM and PM.




TONE: Equalizer

Bioelements Equalizer is an alcohol-free toner laced with Chinese herbs, chamomile and aromatherapist oils to strengthen and calm skin. Don’t skip this step – it is crucial to prime your oily skin for the rest of your skin care.

After you cleanse, apply 2-3 spritzes of Equalizer all over face, neck, and v-area. Gently massage into the skin, leaving it slightly moist. Use AM and PM.





TARGET: Oil Control Mattifier

Stop oil at its source with our Oil Control Mattifier. It’s a feather-light formula that works on the inside and out – soaking up excess shine on the surface, while targeting oily sebum deep in your skin’s follicles. This oily skin treatment acts like a primer for oily skin: Apply it right before your moisturizer for a perfect matte finish, keep an oily t zone at bay, and help makeup stay put.

After toning, apply it all over or just to oily areas – you can even apply it mid-day right over your makeup!





 “Oil Control Mattifier is my number one targeted oily face treatment.” – Kim West Pigue, Kimmie’s Professional Skin Care

MOISTURIZE: Beyond Hydration

Yes, oily skin types need to moisturize too. In fact, oily skin can actually be caused by dehydration! Beyond Hydration is a refreshing gel moisturizer for oily skin that leaves your complexion comfortable without added shine.

After Oil Control Mattifier, apply a chickpea-sized amount of this moisturizer to the face and neck. Moisturize after you exfoliate and/or mask as well. Use AM and PM.





PRO TIP: “My advice to anyone with oily skin is to not be afraid of moisturizer! They can actually help control oil in the long run – you just need the right formula!” –Nicole Eastwood, Simply Your Spa


EXFOLIATE: Measured Micrograins +

To refine pores, control oil and strengthen skin, exfoliate with this multi-action scrub for unpredictable, easily-sensitized skin.

Use 1-3 times a week after toner. Apply the size of a pea to moist skin and gently massage. Rinse off with water. Use AM or PM.






MASK: Restorative Clay

This face mask for oily skin is a 10-minute, pore-refining clay mask to absorb excess oil and dirt, and improve skin’s texture.

Use 1-2 times a week after toner or exfoliator. Apply a chickpea-size amount to the face and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse well. Use AM or PM.






“Using both Measured Micrograins + and Restorative Clay are great at removing excess sebum and dead skin cells while refining pores. Being consistent with your routine is key!” – Nina Holt, Westwood Studio & Spa



TREAT OVERNIGHT: Oil Control Sleepwear

This overnight treatment creme works while you sleep to control oil as it smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. With Sleepwear’s trusted “dream team” formula, oil-rich skin awakens energized, with needed hydration.

After you moisturize in the PM, apply an amount half the size of a pea before you go to sleep.





Infographic: What Causes Oily Skin?

Still don’t understand why you have oily skin? See the most common oily skin causes in our infographic below:


If you are still asking yourself “why is my face so oily all the time” or just have any questions about the infographic or how to get rid of oily skin, leave us a comment below!

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Comments (89)

Patricia says:
Mar 8, 2013

My skin needs this because when the weather gets warmer, my oil glands work overtime. Going through perimenopause is also a contributing factor.

Christie Gallaway says:
Mar 8, 2013

I answered yes to a few of the questions above. I would love to not have to use blotting papers all the time in my T-Zone. And then have to reapply make. My skin needs help and I think this might be the answer. I would love to win this product. Thank you.

Christine A. says:
Mar 8, 2013

Would love to win this as I answered “Yes” to many of those questions.
Overcleanse my skin
New Medication is making my skin crazeee!
oily skin=yes, sniff sniff

An oil control mattifier would be the blessing my skin needs right now.

Kristina Vieweg says:
Mar 8, 2013

Sounds perfect for my skin! I have Oily skin, my kids stress me out (lol) I live in New England so the weather is always changing and yes, i’m a woman! I would love to win this, thanks for the info!

sheena mariee eaton says:
Mar 8, 2013

I need this Bioelements Oil Control Mattifier because I have very greasy skin and larger pores. This product would be absolutely perfect me for to use on my face because like you said the oil blotting papers are no good and make it worse and I can tell you first hand that its the truth! This product would help my oil and shine diminish and it would be a miracle! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

cindy b says:
Mar 8, 2013

Dry but acne prone skin, living in a very dry climate! I need some good moisturizer that will help improve my acne!

Melanie Ford says:
Mar 8, 2013

I always thought my oily skin would go away as I aged–no such luck.

heather mcdaniels says:
Mar 8, 2013

My skin is in bad shape, I really would love to win this!

crystal Merrick says:
Mar 8, 2013

I am super oily and i am constantly looking for a good mattifier!! so glad you have taken on this product. Would love to try it!!

Amber Z. says:
Mar 8, 2013

I’m hoping this product will finally help take the shine away from my oily skin. I love the products I’ve used so far and can’t wait to try this new one!

Kathleen K says:
Mar 8, 2013

I need the Bioelements Oil Control Mattifier because it not only soaks up shine on the surface of the skin but also works on oily sebum deep on the follicles. My oily T-zone will love this!

Julie M. says:
Mar 8, 2013

Ive always had oily skin and breakouts..but due to stress of trying to find a job, my skin is a mess..this would be awesome!

Lisaann C says:
Mar 8, 2013

Would love to win this. Answers to some of the questiones are yes. After trying this myself, I could effectively be able to promote this to my facial clients as I am an esthetician in New England.

Susan L. says:
Mar 8, 2013

My skin is a bit wrecked from cancer treatments, hormonal changes, sun damage and whatever else can go wrong with it, lol. I could use all the help I can get 🙂

EllenG says:
Mar 8, 2013

Oily skin is something I’ve dealt with all my life, and even though I’m a little older now, it still affects the T-zone, especially around the nose, & especially during warmer weather. My skin needs something like this because it sounds lovely, it would help this problem area of my skin, and it’s always nice to try to lessen the flaws we have! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

Ashley V. says:
Mar 8, 2013

I would love to try this because I have really sensitive skin and cannot find a product that helps control my oily skin without making it too dry…leading to more break outs. I have given up wearing makeup because my skin gets so oily by the end of the day it looks terrible. Would love to try!

Silvia says:
Mar 8, 2013

my skin has always been oily. I would luv to toss the blotting papers and use this instead!

Bo says:
Mar 8, 2013

My skin is very oily and doesn’t seem to want to change – even as I age! By noon, my skin is so slick, my makeup starts to slide off and my skin becomes super shiny!

Danielle H says:
Mar 8, 2013

My skin needs this!!! I think I have tried EVERY moisturizer out there and it never works out! I am always super oily 15 minutes after I put it on! So frustrating! Can’t wait to try this! I love Bioelements!

Tori says:
Mar 8, 2013

I would love to try this my skin is definitely acne prone no matter the season

Danielle says:
Mar 8, 2013

I want this!!! I wake up in the morning to shine. I have shine mid day. I would love to have my makeup stay put and not have to reapply because it is melting off my face!

Brittany P. says:
Mar 8, 2013

I answered yes to a few of them above!! I am a licensed esthetician and I use Bioelements products everyday and I love it! BUT my only probably I’ve had is I get oily!! Right when I clean my face and put my toner, moisturizer, And serum and makeup on, I am fine, but a few hours later I can see lots of shine around my forehead, nose and cheeks underneath my eyes. My makeup then gets thick and basically looks like its melting off my face. 🙁 at first I thought it was the makeup I was using but after switching makeup, I know it’s from my oily skin. I would be very grateful to win this product and give a try. I have no doubts on Bioelements products!!!! 🙂 thanks for this opportunity!

Ceila Calixto says:
Mar 8, 2013

Hi! I would love love love a chance to try this amazing breakthrough product! I have large pores and constantly blotting with oil-blotting sheets and also having to blot even my eyelids! Yes, oily skin does run in my family and that’s probably why wrinkles in this case aren’t something we worry about lol…but I wish I wasn’t this oily because it can be embarrasing at times:/ Thanks for doing this giveaway Bioelements! I love the products and know I will definitley love this one just as much! My fingers are crossed;)

Valerie C. says:
Mar 8, 2013

I’ve been very oily since age 12. My mom was too. But the odd thing is I’m super fair and she had a medium olive skin tone. My fair relatives are so dry. I’m in my 40’s now and still battle with it.

Karen says:
Mar 8, 2013

I love bioelements and I’ve been waiting for a product like this for awhile. I have genetically oily skin, larger pores lots of stress and I’m premenopausal! I get breakthrough shine about 3 hours after I wash and put on makeup.

Izabela Hamparsumian says:
Mar 8, 2013

I would really love to try this product. I have oily skin. I have tried other products, but they haven’t worked that well.

dez says:
Mar 8, 2013

I need this because I live in a state where it is always hot. I have oily skin so I need something to help with the oiliness.

Sleepyheadedmom says:
Mar 9, 2013

Growing up I didn’t have many skin problems but after I had my son my skin went crazy. Must be hormonal. It always gets oily and nothing I’ve tried has done anything so far but make it worse. It’s no fun trying to clean up my face and redo my makeup 2 hours after I’ve put it on.

Andrea Darst says:
Mar 9, 2013

I need this so much…my t-zone gets so oily during the day!

Emily says:
Mar 9, 2013

I’m still working to find the right balance of products to give me a nice matte finish, and it sounds like this might help! Thanks for the giveaway.

Martha says:
Mar 9, 2013

I’ve used Bioelements for about 10 years. Reasonably priced products that do what they say they’re going to. I am stressed, take medications, am a woman and live in a climate with four distinct seasons. I’ve always felt I had dry skin, as an adult, but notice oil in the T-zone at the end of the day, so would like to try this product. Bioelements has great sample/trial sizes.

Lauren says:
Mar 9, 2013

I had my first facial ever last night and was also introduced to Bioelements for the first time. The experience was wonderful! I always thought my skin type was combination because I get oily in the T Zone by the afternoon. I learned that I actually have sensitive skin and was using too harsh products and hot water, stripping my skin and causing it to produce even more oil! I purchased Bioelements for sensitive skin from the skin spa last night and I can’t wait to get started! I still would love to try this product too, to help with the oily skin in my T Zone area. That area gets too oily and then I break out. I am excited and hope to win! 🙂 Who doesn’t want beautiful skin! Good Luck Everyone!

Megan says:
Mar 10, 2013

I have always suffered from oily skin and breakouts. By mid-day my whole face is a shiny mess, even with the use of primer under my makeup! This product sounds great for controlling oil! Can’t wait to try it!

Jennifer Barata Allen says:
Mar 10, 2013

I need it because I am pregnant and my skin is out of whack. Oily and blotchy. I am not glowing like some pregnant women are. I would really love to try this!

zach dewald says:
Mar 10, 2013

Been fighting oily skin as far back as i can remember. I have issues with white and blackheads and overlarged pores and not to mention breakouts from the skin issues i have. iv been looking forever to find something to control the oil in my skin without over drying and im hoping this might be the product for me. iv been using bioelements for about 5 years now and iv fallen in love with how effective the products are. if i win this and it works ill make sure to spread the word to my family members and hopefully help them with there oily problems aswell.

Denise Grandon Keane says:
Mar 10, 2013

Is Oily skin your true genetic skin type? yes
Are you stressed? yes, a lot more so lately
Are you absolutely positive the skin care products you use are designed for your exact skin type? I use Bioelements
Are you taking medication? no
Do you use your products correctly? Do you ever “over-cleanse/over-exfoliate/over-treat” your skin? yes/no
Are there significant seasonal changes where you live? yes
Do you tan? no, but I do work outside in my garden in the summer and wear a hat and sunscreen
Are you a woman? yes

Deb Rock says:
Mar 10, 2013

I have tried Bio elements in the past and love the products. I have never tried this but by mid morning my face is so oily looking. I am 57 and still have oily skin. I use to have such acne breakouts when a teen ager and still seem to get them once in a while. I would love to try this product to see if it helps with the mid morning shineyness…

Dawn Land says:
Mar 10, 2013

Actually I am a hairstylist and I do the facials and skin care in our salon, we only sale Bioelements for skin in our salon and I love when new products come out I would love the opportunity to try out this product so I can explain my results to a client when trying to recommend it as a daily regimen for them. Thanks and keeping fingers crossed!

Heather USA says:
Mar 10, 2013

I would love this, especially in time for the hotter seasons, I have an oily t-zone and I hate the cakey look that mattifying powders leave. Blotting sheets are good but they only fix it for short bursts of time and makeup ends up transferring and coming off my face.

Thank you

Mar 10, 2013

I was surprised to have said Yes to some of the things listed above that are oil producers. I would love to be able to wear my make up without it sliding off my face because of the oil. 🙂

Mar 10, 2013

This sounds perfect for me. All of the definitions & reasons for oily skin apply to me. I can never get makeup to last more than 2 hours.

Kathy says:
Mar 10, 2013

With my combination skin, this would be fantastic for the T-Zone. Throw in stress and the heat of summer–I would love to give this a try.

Kim Wi says:
Mar 10, 2013

I am in desperate need of a new skin care regimin! The one I have is just not working for me! Hoping to find results soon somewhere!

cat says:
Mar 10, 2013

I’ve had problem/oily skin my whole life, and I’d love to try this product. REALLY!!

Shelby says:
Mar 10, 2013

I currently use absolute moisture blended with oil control concentrasion for my combination skin, I still seem to have some oil production, and would love to try this new product.

gregory coltren says:
Mar 10, 2013

I absolutely need this product. I have had oily skin my whole life and to top it off its oily. It’s a great thing to have oily skin to slow down skin aging but, my sebaceous glands should be exausted now i’m almost 40. Oil control would be a fantastic help. ***help oily skin in the carolina heat** 😉

Laura Subik says:
Mar 10, 2013

overactive oil glands needs oil mattifier to prevent sheen through out the day!

Joanne C. says:
Mar 10, 2013

My skin needs help. I have sensitive skin and I live in a very humid and sunny climate so the elements are not kind and make my skin go haywire with oiliness.

Terry Godwin says:
Mar 10, 2013

I love this product, it makes your skin feel light and free..

Terry Godwin says:
Mar 10, 2013

This product helps control the oiliness in my skin and clears the black and whiteheads.

Guille A. says:
Mar 10, 2013

I have extremely oily skin. I have tried several primers, oil control lotions, mattifiers and nothing has worked for me. I am constantly blotting my face and always feeling self conscious. Would love to try your product in hopes that it will control oil production from within my skin. Got to go now so I can blot my face. 🙂 Good luck to all!

Adria says:
Mar 10, 2013

I need it so my face doesn’t shine bright like a diamond….

Kristen K says:
Mar 11, 2013

After reading this article I am more than thrilled to try this product. My husband just left for the military and on top of that, being a stylist just keeps the stress building! I need to get my oil production under control and would love to start with BioElements products. My skin needs this because it needs a miracle, is that the Oil Control Mattifier!?

Nicole says:
Mar 11, 2013

I really need this. My skin has been oily my entire life. The really icky oily that looks awful. Within 2 hours of leaving my house I can literally use the oil on my face to dress a salad. I know oily skin is good long term…but I really wanna get it under control.

Amber Echelberry says:
Mar 11, 2013

I would love to try this new product! Having had oily skin my whole life, I would love this to help keep it in ✔! Using a product is the greatest way to promote it! ❤Bioelements

Renee H says:
Mar 11, 2013

I need this so because my hormones are in overdrive!

Caitlin says:
Mar 11, 2013

I need oil control mattifier so that I may show to all my oily clients why they need this in their lives & to further my point of why BioElements rocks their(and my)socks as the best skin care line out there!

Sahara Rao says:
Mar 11, 2013

My skin is oily and I use atleast 3 blotting papers daily to keep it shine free. I am more worried as the temps getting warmer and WOuld love to try this amazing product.

Christa L. says:
Mar 11, 2013

My skin needs it because it gets very oily by the end of the day. It is even worse in the summer. Thanks.

susan says:
Mar 11, 2013

I need this to help when I have a hotflash!

Janet F says:
Mar 11, 2013

Since I am over 50 I have notice my skin becoming more oily. Especially after the heat flashes my face tends to stay wet or oily. Hopefully the oil control modifier can help with this issue. I am willing to give it a try.

Yesenia says:
Mar 11, 2013

I would love to win this because I can’t wait to try it out and share it with my clients. Bioelements is always providing us with the most up-to-date, innovative, top of the line, products. Hope I win!!!

Clarisse says:
Mar 11, 2013

I would love to win this because I’ve noticed that my pores are becoming more visible and my face oilier, I would love to try this to remedy those two problems.

Jeannette Mayuga says:
Mar 11, 2013

i am currently using stress solution to mattify my face. It will be great to use a product specifically created for this skin issue 🙂

Natalie Geraci says:
Mar 11, 2013

My skin is very oily. I can wake up oily, make-up (almost any type) makes me oily, chapstick even makes me oily, and worst of all, moisturizers made for oily skin make me oily! It’s super annoying. I’d like something that doesn’t end up making me oily.

Clara says:
Mar 11, 2013

I would love to win this to solve my oily face problem.

Alyssa says:
Mar 11, 2013

I need this because I said yes to many of those questions and I use Bioelements products but have been noticing the shine. Would love to add this to the regimen.

Kammi says:
Mar 11, 2013

I would want to give it a try cause I can’t stand my oily face. I want to absorb the oils.

Mar 11, 2013

My t-zone is soo oily. This would be so appreciated.

Jeff Croley says:
Mar 11, 2013

I’m excited to try this out. Having suffered from horrible acne since I was about 16 and after 2 rounds of Accutane, the acne is under control. However, I still have pretty oily skin in my T-Zone. I believe Oil Control Mattifier could be just what I need!

SARA says:
Mar 11, 2013


Julianne Perez says:
Mar 11, 2013

I would love to try this! My skin is very oily and acneic even though I’m 27 i still breakout a lot, when i wear makeup my makeup ends up running on my face because of the oil!!! I know this would make a great difference!

Ana Coha says:
Mar 11, 2013

I am 29 and my skin is still oily troughout T-zone.. I don’t know how to improve my skin.. I tried a lot of products and nothing seems to be working for me.. I would love to try this product!

natasha mehta says:
Mar 11, 2013

I need this coz my skin just wont stop breaking out and being oily. EVn in the winter and i do my best to take care and cleanse my skin properly

Linda Letto says:
Mar 11, 2013

I love all their products. This would be great in the summer months!!

Jennifer R. says:
Mar 11, 2013

My skin desperately needs this because ever since I had my son, my skin went from fab to drab! I guess because of the hormones my skin got super oily and has been breaking out like crazy! So all the makeup I used to use I had to throw out bc everything irritates my skin! This would work wonders I’m sure!

Stephanie says:
Mar 11, 2013

I’ve had oily skin forever. Started to get better as I got older but now perimenopause has thrown a monkey wrench in the works and the oiliness is back.

Brittany says:
Mar 11, 2013

I would love to try this oil mattifier especially for in the summer and at work when my t-zone starts getting oily under my make-up. With summer right around the corner I’m thinking this would be great under my SPF. My skin would such this up and it would be nice to try a great product that really works.

chrissy williams says:
Mar 11, 2013

My skin is combinaion oily :< hormonal skin!
help me!

Erika says:
Mar 11, 2013

I would love to go through a day without the shine that usually develops early in the day on my face! I definitely need to try this product!

Victoria miller says:
Mar 11, 2013

No matter what sunscreen I use my skin always has a shine 2 hours after application I am a firm believer in Bioelements so I know this product will be of great help to a more beautiful me.

tracey says:
Mar 11, 2013

I have to take medications on a daily basis and have health issues, that make me have oily skin and break out. Any help would be amazing. I cant afford nice products, because of all my medical bills and medication. So, would be nice to have something “nice”. 🙂

Tracy says:
Mar 11, 2013

Is this something men would use? My dh has such oily skin it stains his pillowcase.

Sarah Taylor says:
Mar 12, 2013

I would love to win this product my regular regimen of bio elements I use isn’t quite doing the job for my skin anymore. I feel this is the extra little push it may need and my face would look so much better. My skin has looked like this since I started working at Southwest Cheese. If I win this product would and will be put to some much needed use.

Sandeep singh says:
Jun 1, 2013

Hi, your providing information is most helpful to us. And causes of oily skin are already matched our problems(like stress,cream and etc). my skin is oily I think it is due to stress and cream.

JENNA says:
Jun 2, 2013

What a total BS product.

ANY kind of moisturizer/cream used by people with oily skin not only intensifies the oil production but causes breakouts too.

Oil production is caused by the sebaceous glands and any cream or moisturizer isn’t going to change your glands.

    Barbara Salomone says:
    Jun 3, 2013

    Hi Jenna – Thanks for your comment, as it illustrates that there are many people with misconceptions about oily skin! It does in fact need moisturization. Here’s why:

    Oil is not the same thing as water.
    They serve two different functions, but combine together to create our Hydro Lipidic Barrier.
    Human sebum is a natural secretion comprised of: oil, waxes, oil, wax, protein, cholesterol, and cellular debris. The purpose of sebum is to lubricate your skin and protect it from invasive organisms, and it’s only one component what every skin needs to be healthy, since there is no water present in sebum.

    So having oil present on the skin, whether it be a little or a great deal, has nothing to do with how much moisture (which comes from water) your skin has. Your skin either absorbs water from the outside, or is produced by our sweat glands. The problem with an oily skin is this: when you have too much oil on the surface of the skin, this can cause a barrier that prevents the proper amount of water moisture to reach the surface of the skin. What makes things worse, are internal and external forces that rob our skin of what little moisture it has. This often occurs through harsh environment, pollution, diet, etc.

    This is why moisturizer is so important, for all skin types, including oily. An oily skin, since it has quite enough oil already, needs a moisturizer that is oil-free. This is why our Beyond Hydration moisturizer is so effective. It gives an oily skin what it needs- hydration, protection from moisture loss, and it’s non-pore clogging plant extracts also help strengthen and refresh.

    Oil Control Mattifier is ideal to use before Beyond Hydration to help control the excess oil and help absorb breakthrough shine through the day. You can also dab it on over makeup as needed.

    I truly hope this helps clear up one of the most common ‘oily skin myths’ I’ve seen in my time as a skin care professional.

patrick says:
Jun 3, 2013

I really need this product because my oily skin has been out of control since I turned into a teenager 7 years ago.Ever since then I haven’t been able to find any solution to it.I’ve tried so many site to find a solution that,my browser history is filled with finding ways to solve oily skin.Thats all I search for on the net.i can wash my face like 8-12 times a day.It’s so bad that everytime I get dry(ashy) skin I just wipe my face with the back of my palm and just rub it all over my hand to get rid of the dryness.I could say that the oil on my face can fill a 1 litre soda bottle to the brim within 8 to 12 months.If this product works like how u say it would,i would be really happy to have one.

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