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Skin Type Quiz: Why You Need To Know Your True Type

Skin Type Quiz: Why You Need To Know Your True Type

The trick to great skin? Know your true skin type and use the right products. That's the secret to a clear, healthy, younger-looking complexion. When you use products designed for a different skin type than your correct skin type, it can lead to breakouts, dryness, sensitivity and more.

But remember: skin care is not one-size-fits-all. We encourage you to find a local esthetician who can help you build the proper skin care regimen based on your skin type, skin concerns and skin goals. With a custom treatment plan that includes both in-spa and at-home care, you can achieve the complexion of your dreams! Find a licensed professional near you here.

Our Esthetics Experts Panel of skin care professionals created this skin type quiz to help you find your true skin type, learn how to correctly care for your skin and find the products that are best for your skin type. Take our easy skin type quiz below!

Bioelements Skin Type Quiz

1) After cleansing, my skin…

a. Becomes moderately oily within several hours, especially around my t-zone.

b. Becomes oily all over within a few hours.

c. Sometimes feels "tight" and I rarely experience any t-zone oil.

d. Becomes oily all over, and I notice clogged pores often paired with redness.

e. Often stings, itches, or burns.


2) My pores…

a. Are visible around my t-zone, and sometimes look clogged.

b. Look large, and are visible all over my t-zone and cheeks.

c. Look small – I don't have may visible pores.

d. Are often clogged, and I frequently have blackheads and whiteheads.

e. I worry more about redness and irritation than pores.


3) My skin…

a. Can feel both dehydrated in spots and oily in others.

b. Is often shiny all over.

c. Tends to be thin-textured, flaky, and has small lines or wrinkles.

d. Often has breakouts.

e. Flushes easily, and sometimes can get blotchy, flaky or dry.


4) When I run my fingertips across my face…

a. My skin feels rough in some areas and smooth in others.

b. I can see and feel the oil on my fingertips.

c. My skin feels rough, flaky, and/or thin.

d. I can feel bumps underneath my skin and active breakouts.

e. My skin often turns red if I run my fingers across it.


5) When I wake up in the morning my skin feels…

a. Sometimes oily and sometimes dry, depending on the area.

b. Greasy.

c. Dry and tight.

d. Like more pimples have developed overnight.

e. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable and irritated.


6) The skin care product I can't live without is…

a. My cleanser and my moisturizer – I can't pick one!

b. A effective cleanser.

c. A hydrating, nourishing moisturizer.

d. Acne spot-treatments.

e. Anything that won't irritate my skin.

Tally up your answers from the skin type quiz and find out your true skin type below.

If you answered mostly A's: Combination Skin

Combination skin describes two or more different issues (oil and dryness) in one skin type. Most people experience excess oil on their t-zones and dryness on their cheeks with this skin type.

Your daily skin care routine:

To keep skin balanced, cleanse twice a day with Bioelements Flash Foam Cleanser, which gently exfoliates as it removes makeup, dirt, and impurities. Always follow with alcohol-free toner, Equalizer, to strengthen the skin. Finish with Absolute Moisture for daytime, which balances the skin and leaves it smooth with self-adjusting moisture-binders. At night, finish with Sleepwear to wake up with rested, more youthful-looking skin.

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If you answered mostly B's: Oily Skin

Oily skin occurs when there's excess oil production on a regular basis. Breakthrough shine and breakouts are frequent. Oily skin can be a natural skin type, or it can be caused by stress, medication, hormonal fluctuations, and more.

Your daily skin care routine:

To remove oil without stripping the skin, cleanse with Decongestant Cleanser twice a day (don't over-cleanse as it can trigger the production of more oil). Follow with Equalizer and apply a thin layer of Oil Control Mattifier to keep surface shine at bay. Always finish with Beyond Hydration because it's crucial to hydrate your skin, even if it's oily.

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If you answered mostly C's: Dry Skin

Dry skin often feels tight and dehydrated and can sometimes appear flaky or irritated. The texture often feels rough and thin. Like oily skin, dry skin can be caused by other factors like diet, seasonal changes, and stress, or it can be a naturally occurring skin type.

Your daily skin care routine:

To keep skin hydrated and comfortable, cleanse with Moisture Positive Cleanser. This creamy cleanser gently washes away impurities without robbing the skin of valuable moisture. Follow with Power Peptide, which keeps skin moist, hydrated and nourished. Finish with either Crucial Moisture or Really Rich Moisture. Crucial Moisture relieves dryness and softens the skin, while Really Rich Moisture provides intense moisture for very dry skin. For an added surge of hydration and relief, we recommend Moisture x10 serum after toning.

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If you answered mostly D's: Acneic (Acne-Prone) Skin

Acneic, or acne-prone skin, occurs when you frequently experience widespread breakouts. Visible inflammation and redness are also common with this skin type. Some are naturally born with acne-prone skin thanks to genetics, but there are several common acne triggers, like stress, hormones and underlying health issues.

Your daily skin care routine:

Cleanse with a salicylic acid acne cleanser, like Spotless Cleanser, to remove bacteria without over-drying your skin. Follow with Acne Toner to absorb oil and restore balance to acneic skin. If needed, spot treat pimples with Breakout Control, a pharmaceutical grade benzoyl peroxide lotion that helps clear acne. Finish with Beyond Hydration or Oxygenation to keep skin comfortable.

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If you answered mostly E's: Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin occurs when skin is prone to excessive dryness, flaking, flushing, and touch sensitivity. Skin can be naturally sensitive, or become sensitized by environmental factors (sun, pollution, etc), harsh ingredients, medication, and more.

Your daily skin care routine:

To melt away pollutants and impurities without irritating the skin, cleanse twice a day with Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil. The extra gentle cleanser soothes skin with complexion-calming oils. Safeguard against moisture loss, soothe and comfort upset skin with Soothing Reset Mist. Strengthen, brighten and depuff sensitive eyes with hydrating Sensitive Eye Smoother. Finish with ultra-gentle Barrier Fix Daily Hydrator to relieve dryness and strengthen skin’s barrier.

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If you have any questions about our skin type quiz, leave a comment below. We're here to help!

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