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Skin Care Created by Those Who Know

Since 1991, the Bioelements skin care line has delivered results-oriented, esthetic excellence. And it didn’t just happen by chance. Unlike other anti-aging skin care lines that were created around the name of a doctor or built on “gimmicks,” Bioelements is the creation of an esthetician – Barbara Salomone, the architect of the modern facial and one of the first-ever licensed estheticians in the U.S. As someone who knows professional skin care inside and out, Salomone’s goal was to design a line of products – including anti-aging cremes, face masks, sunscreens, acne treatments, cleansers, wrinkle cremes, skin lighteners and more – that would transform the way professionals treat the skin. Salomone assembled a team of cosmetic chemists and expert estheticians – to ensure every product contains the most effective ingredients available.

Skin Care Built By Education

Before we created groundbreaking anti-aging products and treatments, we developed an innovative professional educational system. It began in 1985, when Barbara Salomone changed the professional skin care industry by opening her first advanced learning center. Word spread across the industry, and soon Bioelements became known for offering education on the latest skin care treatments, ingredient breakthroughs and professional techniques. Today, Bioelements educates and supports thousands of estheticians with in-spa and online classes, product and treatment study guides, step-by-step videos you can watch online, and easy-to-use quizzes and answer keys.

Skin Care Used By The Pros

Even as Salomone provided much-needed education to thousands of professionals, she was still not satisfied. She saw the need for a professional skin care line that can be customized to target every skin type and every concern, so the options for treatments would be without limits. The Bioelements line was born from this idea – to provide estheticians with products and treatments designed to make a major difference in the appearance of the skin. Every product, from acne cleansers to wrinkle cremes is performance tested – and backed by results. Bioelements pushes the bounds of facial skin care – product-by-product, treatment-by-treatment. It’s why the pros depend on us. From developing anti-aging products and treatments to teaching techniques, Bioelements is committed to the professional esthetician, and we print it right on our packaging: “Used by leading estheticians in professional facials.” Call it a mission, call it a goal… we call it our passion.

About Bioelements
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