Sensitive Skin

Is your skin giving you attitude?
Does it get angry, irritated and intolerant? If you're like 40% of the population, this is the sensitive skin you face everyday – and it's why we've introduced Calmitude Sensitive Skin Moisturizer, Calmitude Hydrating Solution and Calmitude Delicate Skin Eye Gel.

Not sure if you're sensitive? Look for these signs.

  • Ordinary skin care products may cause stinging, itching or a burning sensation
  • Your skin easily flushes and reddens
  • You experience flakiness and dryness
  • Random red blotches on your neck and/or face sometimes appear

You don't need to be pale and blonde with freckles to experience sensitivity – everyone is susceptible.

Why? The causes include diet, environmental assaults (like pollution, and UV exposure), smoking, hormone fluctuations and a lack of humidity. These aggressors can weaken your skin, causing redness, irritation and dryness.

Your sensitive-stopping, super-soothing, skin-strengthening plan

(Follow this plan twice a day, both AM and PM)

Step 1: CLEANSE – Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Step 2: HYDRATE – Calmitude Hydrating Solution

Step 3: DE-STRESS – Stress Solution

Step 4: MOISTURIZE – Calmitude Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Step 5: FIRM, DE-PUFF & UNDARKEN CIRCLES – Calmitude Delicate Skin Eye Gel


  • Rinse with warm (not hot) water.
  • Gently blot dry with a clean towel.
  • No rubbing.

The sensitive skin statistics
Over 40% of people say they have sensitive skin.* But irritation, redness, and that uncomfortable feeling of tightness isn't just for people with chronic sensitivities. All types of skin will experience some degree of sensitivity – brought on by the environment, harsh ingredients, exfoliation...even what you eat and drink can bring about sensitive reactions in the skin.
*American Academy of Dermatology

Calm things down with the right cleanser

Sensitive Skin Cleanser is a dermatologist-tested, gentle oil-to-foam formula that melts away makeup, pollutants and excess sebum without any irritating side effects. Helping strengthen the skin's protective barrier against moisture loss and harmful irritation.

Its complexion-calming olive oil* is laced with jojoba, hazelnut oil, safflower and camellia kissi seed oils that float over the skin to lift and dislodge impurities. When mixed with water, a special emulsiļ¬er in the formula converts the oils into a gentle foam that can easily be rinsed off, leaving behind skin that's soft, comfortable and clean.

*Did you say olive oil? Yes we did.
Olive oil us loaded with polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants that can help heal and soothe skin.

What happens when sensitive skin becomes irritated?
When sensitive skin is irritated, invisible inflammation sets in, encouraging the production of free radical that cause wrinkles and skin-aging.
My skin is dry but I drink lots of water!
Think of how your skin exposed to 24/7 harsh environments, pollutants, free radical and UV damage. Illness, hormones, medication and your daily habits can also rob the surface of your skin of the moisture it needs. For this reason, you need to apply products to the skin that contain moisturizing and hydrating ingredients.
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Although the more water you drink, the healthier your body will be in general, the benefits your body receives from drinking water will be more internal than external. Adequate water-intake does help with digestion, flushing your body of toxins and improve your overall health, it's not enough to prevent dehydration on the surface of your skin.

For example, our Toners and Tonics contain products designed to rebalance and rehydrate skin. Also, Moisture x10 is a super-hydrating serum that binds moisture to surface skin layers, counteracting the effects of dry indoor heat, low humidity or chronically dry skin

In addition to water, keep your skin cells healthy and hydrated with the energizing and moisturizing properties of vitamins. Foods with vitamin B (oats, barley, wheat bran, avocado, salmon) will keep your skin smooth and hydrated. Vitamin E (found in olive oil, eggs, almonds, and apples) will help skin retain major moisture, and vitamin C (red bell pepper, papaya, oranges, or broccoli) will fight the damaging, drying effects of the world around you.

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