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I've never had a professional facial before. What would be the best Bioelements Facial for a first-time client?

When an esthetician meets you for the first time, she is going to be "introduced to your skin", too! The first time you receive a facial, your skin will experience something entirely new and receive some professional attention and care. For this reason, you need a facial that is flexible enough to meet your skin's exact needs, be safe, yet effective.

This personalized facial is totally customized from start to finish! You will experience a custom blended deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and massage of the face, neck and shoulders followed by a custom blended serum designed to correct specific problems and therapeutic Bioelements mask. You will emerge an hour later with immaculately clean, smooth and glowing skin.

What are the benefits of a professional treatment?

Your skin's natural tendency is to heal itself, however, sometimes we need help in order to achieve maximum results. Things like hormones, stress and seasonal changes can bring on trouble that's best addressed by a pro. Regular skin care facials result in clearer skin due to professional exfoliating on an ongoing basis, and smoother, more radiant skin is a result of the professional massage that may be included in your facial.

Your skin will learn to adjust more quickly to life's stressors — and as you keep regular treatment appointments with your esthetician, she'll learn the cyclical changes that occur with your skin and will adjust your products – from facial masks to anti-aging cremes – to maximize results.

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How long will my facial results last?

The facial is over. Your skin has received a deep cleansing, a thorough professional strength peel, and (if it’s a Bioelements facial) a Custom Blended Massage, Power Treatment and Mask that’s designed to target your skin’s exact needs and concerns.  Your complexion is clear, glowing, radiant and younger-looking. Lucky you!

So of course you’d want to ask the following question:

“How long will the results of this facial last?”

The answer: It’s entirely up to you.

That’s right. A facial’s results are only as good as how you maintain them – or how you take care of your skin at-home. And that’s completely in your hands.

First: Do you practice good skin care habits? Do you cleanse your skin before going to sleep? Do you use products targeted to your exact skin type? Do you wear an SPF every day (even when it’s cloudy)? How about an nighttime anti-aging creme? Do you use AHAs? Do you fight environmental aggressors? Think of it this way: you wouldn’t neglect brushing your teeth in between dentist visits, would you? So practice good skin habits and help prolong your results in between facials.

And just as important: do you use the right skin care products at home? Your esthetician will likely recommend the use of specific products at home. These are recommended for a reason (why? Because she’s received extensive training on the skin – and she knows what it takes to make the results of your facial last). The products she recommends are better than “mass-produced” products you may find elsewhere. So follow her recommendations and see you results last far longer.

Why is a professional facial massage good for the skin?
Besides being incredibly relaxing, it is very healthy for your overall well-being, especially your skin. Professional facial massage nourishes the skin by increasing blood circulation and firms and tones the skin and muscles through the specific movements that your esthetician performs with her hands. It also helps rid the skin of toxins by moving it through your system and stimulates nerve endings, leaving it feeling warm and tingly. Finally, it reduces stress through the touch of your esthetician's hands, and your skin is left soft and smooth with a healthy glow.

Is there more than one type of facial massage? How does my esthetician know which one is right for me?
For example: You may be concerned about loss of firmness, sagging, or dull complexion. If this is the case, your esthetician will perform a more stimulating massage with firmer movements.

If, on the other hand, your skin is more delicate, red and prone to oil or breakouts, your esthetician will perform movements that are slow, gentle with less pressure.

The professional products used also play a part. If you have a dry skin type, the product used may be a cream base or rich oil. If your skin is oily, your esthetician may choose a gel based massage product.

How soon will I see results?
Immediately. By the end of the facial, your skin will feel firmer, brighter, smoother and have a more even overall tone. Although relaxation is the benefit that we most often clamor for, it's just the tip of the iceberg as to why Facial Massage is such an important step to achieve healthy skin.

Trade secret: Extractions
First things first  - only a professional should perform extractions. Your professional esthetician will set up a program that is right for your skin, but extractions can be a part of every facial that you receive. In each facial, she will prep your skin and gently remove the blackheads; she will also make sure that she applies professional-use-only products to treated areas to prevent bacteria from re-invading the pores and causing more breakouts.

The bottom line is you need to let the professionals take charge in a professional setting. This will help keep your breakouts under control, and you'll have the advice of a licensed professional that will make sure your skin looks its best.

What is an esthetician and why is it important that I visit one?
An esthetician is a licensed skin care specialist educated in microbiology, anatomy, skin physiology and cosmetic chemistry. Estheticians receive up to 1500 hours of specialized education and pass stringent exams to obtain a state license.

Plus, the estheticians at a Bioelements Partnership Spa have had extensive advanced training on Bioelements treatments and products. And just like a personal trainer designs a program to help your body get in great shape, she will carefully monitor the progress of your skin to make sure you get the results you want.

She’ll identify your exact skin type, perform a Bioelements SkinReading to evaluate your needs, plan a treatment program specifically for you, and professionally recommend take-home products targeted to address your skin concerns. Rather than a hit-or-miss approach to skin care, she’ll customize an agenda based on your individual goals. You can find her at a Bioelements Spa near you.

A look inside the Bioelements Skin Reading System
When you visit a Bioelements skin care professional, she'll use an advanced system called SkinReading to identify, recognize and read every clue your skin reveals.

How does SkinReading work?

SkinReading allows your esthetician to accurately "read" your skin and determine the correct professional treatment and products you need, based on her conclusions. This modernized system also helps the esthetician learn to identify your concerns (are you worried about dark circles under your eyes? or how to get rid of age spots?) and further maximize the results you'll see from your professional skin care treatment.

How important is SkinReading?

Bioelements skin care professionals take their education seriously. And SkinReading is the most important step in any professional treatment. It's a visual 'snapshot' of your skin, providing your skin care pro with the tools they need to get your pertinent information. Your esthetician will use her eyes, hands, and her SkinReading Form to make the right recommendation every time – so you always see the results you want.

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Professional-use-only skincare: maximum strength, maximum results

The best treatments use the best products – a facial is only as good as the products used in it. So why waste your time? During a Bioelements treatment, maximum levels of lab-strength ingredients will be infused into your skin via highly active natural and cosmeceutical professional-use-only serums that have been Custom Blended for you right in the treatment room.

Professional-use-only products are designed solely for use by trained Bioelements skin care professionals in the treatment room. These formulas are extremely effective yet safe-on-the-skin, and are not for resale. They are a part of Bioelements targeted facial and body treatments, and your skin care professional receives thorough education on how to use them to deliver results.

What does Custom Blending mean?

When Bioelements skin care treatments are further tailored with our Custom Blending Additives, they create an almost infinite number of solutions for every skin condition. Simply put, Custom Blending allows your skin care professional to customize a treatment or product so it's made just for you – your environment, your lifestyle, your age, your stress level.

Bioelements 8 Custom Blend Additives are highly concentrated formulas that zero in on every concern – from signs of aging to irritation, and everything in between. With a few drops of these laboratory-strength botanicals, aromatherapist oils and cosmeceuticals, your pro can custom blend a treatment or product right there in the treatment room to clear blemishes, improve hydration... above all, to precisely target what your skin needs.

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Meet your eye-aging culprits

How It Ages You: Harmful UV rays result in fine lines and uneven texture around the eyes – getting even worse when you're squinting all day.

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Fight Back: Wear a UV sunscreen every day, 365 days a year (try Bioelements SPF 50 FaceScreen), and don't forget to wear sunglasses.

How It Ages You: Nature's pulling down on your skin 24/7 – resulting in all-around sagging.

Fight Back: Never tug or pull the delicate area around the eyes. Lightly pat skin when applying product.

How It Ages You: Loss of sleep can bring on dark circles around the eyes, but heredity often plays a more significant role.

Fight Back: Use a lightweight, smoothing treatment to brighten the entire eye area — like Multi-Task Eye Creme.

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