Neck Wrinkles

  • Why do I have neck wrinkles?Why do I have neck wrinkles?
    Why do I have neck wrinkles?

    The neck can show signs of age prematurely: wrinkles, deep creases, and rough texture. It can be due to UV exposure, normal aging, and the thin, delicate nature of the neck tissue.

    Unfortunately, many people apply skin care products to the face – and stop at the chin. So it’s important to remember that the skin on your neck and v-area need to be treated with nourishing, anti-aging ingredients, too.

  • Treat neck wrinkles:<br>Reverse the wattleTreat neck wrinkles:<br>Reverse the wattle
    Treat neck wrinkles:
    Reverse the wattle

    Add in a dedicated neck-to-chest anti-aging product into your daily line-up. Look for a potent formula fueled with peptides, hyaluronic acid and alpha arbutin.

    V-Neck Smoothing Creme will target creases, weathered skin and spots. You’ll see spots brighten, depth of lines appear to improve and skin get smoother. 

  • Treat neck wrinkles:<br>Send in the serumsTreat neck wrinkles:<br>Send in the serums
    Treat neck wrinkles:
    Send in the serums

    A powerful serum can target the neck’s wrinkles, sagging and creasing with just a pump.

    CreateFirm is a needle-less, laser-less daily solution to help neck skin feel firmer and look more taut; Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum will deliver probiotic actives to maintain a more balanced natural microflora that’s is essential for skin to remain age-resistant, younger-looking and strong.

  • Treat neck wrinkles:<br>Work the night shiftTreat neck wrinkles:<br>Work the night shift
    Treat neck wrinkles:
    Work the night shift

    The right nighttime formula can take advantage of skin’s natural nighttime process, when skin repairs itself from the days damage and rejuvenates itself.

    Sleepwear® and Oil Control Sleepwear® are both Overnight Age Activists formulated with a “dream team” of calcium, retinol and cranberry seed oil – essential ingredients to make the skin look younger. You’ll see results the very next morning.