Exfoliate the Right Way

Is it time to shed your blah skin?
Our 7-day Rescue Peel is built on the varied intensities and depths of two different –but equally effective – exfoliation processes: physical and chemical surface peeling. Stick to the intensive schedule below, and you'll see smoother, softer, clearer, "rescued" skin in a single week.


Alternate between Measured Micrograins and Pumice Peel followed by Quick Refiner for 7 days.

DAY 1: Use Measured Micrograins; Follow with Quick Refiner

DAY 2: Use Pumice Peel; Follow with Quick Refiner

DAY 3: Use Measured Micrograins; Follow with Quick Refiner

DAY 4: Use Pumice Peel; Follow with Quick Refiner

DAY 5: Use Measured Micrograins; Follow with Quick Refiner

DAY 6: Use Pumice Peel; Follow with Quick Refiner

DAY 7: Use Measured Micrograins; Follow with Quick Refiner

* Have sensitive skin? Then this plan is not for you. But your skin can still benefit from exfoliation. Just stick to using one product (like Measured Micrograins) once or twice a week.

What happens if you don't exfoliate?

Without proper exfoliation, dead skin cells can get trapped on the skin's surface. When they're trapped, they build up. Once they've built up, you'll see:

  • A flat, dull complexion
  • More noticeable fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rough texture and blemishes
  • Lessened effects of your skin products

Mild daily exfoliation enables the skin to better absorb additional daily cosmeceutical ingredients. For example, the calcium in Bioelements Sleepwear Overnight Rejuvenation Creme or the probiotic actives in Probiotic Anti-Aging Serum can more effectively penetrate the skin!

The life of a skin cell
>From beginning to end, the life cycle of every skin cell you have is about 28-30 days. During the last week of this cycle, cells become flaky and dull. Our skin works hard to shed these dead cells, but this process takes longer and longer as we age. That's why using a product to exfoliate skin is key.

Week 1

A cell is "born" – bright, new and healthy. This layer is regenerative (it is closest to blood flow in the dermis) and provides color to the skin.

Week 2
Here, the skin cell still maintains a healthy color. Its shape becomes more irregular as it begins to accumulate toughening proteins — preparing to become part of your body's most protective barrier.

Week 3
The mature cell has now broken down a bit with age. It is wider, flatter, and adheres strongly to other cells. This cell is tough and protective.

Week 4
It only takes a few weeks for this once healthy skin cell to become flaky, dehydrated and colorless. This final stage consists of about 10 to 30 sub-layers of dead cells. Two to three of these layers are shed daily. Exfoliation will help the process.

One-step microdermabrasion at home. Really.
Microdermabrasion is probably one of most popular procedures out there today. Too bad most microdermabrasion product “kits” on the market are overcomplicated and require multiple steps. But not ours. Bioelements Pumice Peel yields incredible results with just one simple step. Just massage over clean skin for one minute – then rinse off.

Which one would you like on your face?
The pumice crystals in Pumice Peel are spherical in shape – allowing it to gently, but effectively, remove dead skin cells. Other at-home microdermabrasion products use jagged pumice which can be just plain painful.

What part of the skin do you exfoliate when you exfoliate skin?
The top “protective” layer of skin, A.K.A the epidermis. It’s made up of both living and dead cells, and they’re always growing and dividing. When this happens, cells are pushed up to the top layers of your skin, where they eventually die and flake off. BUT – did you know that as you age, your ability to shed dead skin cells decreases? So they pile up and cause problems like clogged pores and an overall dull tone. And the more build-up, the harder it is to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Time to exfoliate skin with the right skin care product!

DID YOU KNOW? The primary function of the epidermis is “to keep the insides in and the outside out”.

The benefits of dual action physical + chemical exfoliation
The key to bright, softer, smoother skin is exfoliation. Bioelements Triple-Action,Rapid-Resurfacing Facial Kit is a 7 piece kit that allows you to perform professional exfoliation at home. The “Triple-Action” comes from the three exfoliation methods the kit offers with each treatment:

You physically exfoliate first with the Herbology’s granuals. Combing Bioelements Herbology with Sensitive Skin Cleanser and massaging over the face will physically slough off dead, dulling skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of the skin.

Adding water to the mixture immediately triggers the “melting action” in Herbology, and releases its natural AHAs. Imagine the skin as a brick wall - AHAs remove not only the keratinized skin cells (the bricks), but also dissolve the intercellular glue (the mortar) that holds the dead cells together.

Next comes Quick Refiner - a leave on chemical gel exfoliator that contains a blend of powerful beta and alpha hydroxy acids, including glycolic and multi-fruit acids.

When you combine both AHA and BHA acids together in a formula, they partner together to allow for greater penetration. The AHA dissolves the intercellular lipids that hold our dead skin cells together, and the BHA’s have a proteolytic (protein digesting) action to dissolve the keratinized cells.

Each exfoliation method works together in the Triple-Action, Rapid-Resurfacing Kit to peel away time, leaving skin smooth, refined, and looking years younger.
Chemical vs. Physical Exfoliators
Chemical vs. Physical Exfoliators

Bioelements physical exfoliators:

Bioelements chemical exfoliator:

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Don't be put off by the word "chemical" – while it may sound negative, it's just a descriptive term for how the ingredients perform. For example, the orange and lemon enzymes in Quick Refiner are chemical exfoliators -- they chemically dissolve skin's dead cells.

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