Dark Circles Under Eyes / Crows Feet

  • Why do I have dark circles or crows feet?Why do I have dark circles or crows feet?
    Why do I have dark circles or crows feet?

    The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on your body – the same thickness as an eggshell – and as you age, it gets even thinner. The area also has few oil glands, so dryness and lines from repeated squinting is common. It's the area of the face that most often shows the first signs of aging, and is prone to dark circles and fine lines. 

    Crows feet – lines that start at the outer corners of the eyes and become more pronounced when you smile – can be due to normal aging, but they are also commonly caused by UV damage. 

    Dark circles can have a purple, blue, grey or brownish hue. They are most commonly caused by dehydration, a lack of sleep, genetics, or medications. 

  • Treat dark circles and crows feet: ExfoliateTreat dark circles and crows feet: Exfoliate
    Treat dark circles and crows feet: Exfoliate

    Gentle exfoliation with a formula created specifically for use around the eyes will sweep away layers of dulling, dead surface flakes – exposing brighter, fresher skin, and minimizing the appearance of dark circles. 

    Use Quick Refiner for Eyes exfoliating enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids to remove dead, dulling skin cells and speed up cell turnover. It hydrates, soothes, strengthens and protects – “waking up” fatigued, aging eyes.

  • Treat dark circles and crows feet: Infuse skin with age-fightersTreat dark circles and crows feet: Infuse skin with age-fighters
    Treat dark circles and crows feet: Infuse skin with age-fighters

    Aging eyes need targeted daytime formulas, packed with ingredients that work in harmony to brighten and ease lines. Plus – they must help your concealer work even better. Look for gentle formulas with hydrating hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. 

    Multi-Task® Eye Creme’s light and non-greasy formula works to brighten dark circles and ease the look of crows feet – plus, it helps concealer glide on. If your skin’s more sensitive, try Calmitude® Delicate Skin Eye Gel specifically designed for skin that easily gets upset. 

  • Treat crows feet: Discover oil!Treat crows feet: Discover oil!
    Treat crows feet: Discover oil!

    When skin is dehydrated, crows feet can appear even more pronounced. Skin-nourishing oils can help deliver needed hydration, lubricating the entire eye area in suppleness. 

    All Things Pure® Eye Oil features organic jojoba, sunflower, evening primrose and sesame seed oils – to counteract the visibility of crowsfeet and keep skin feeling comfortable.   

Narrow Your Search:
  • Anti-Aging Eye Creme
    Every morning, gently pat on a small amount around the eyes.
    Multi-Task Eye Creme
    Daytime formula that does the job of several products at once
  • Eye Treatment
    Gently pat a small amount around the eye area, day or night.
    Calmitude Delicate Skin Eye Gel
    Gentle formula smoothes texture, minimizes puff, brightens and helps defend against irritants
  • Organic Eye Creme
    Smoothes texture and softens the visibility of fine lines. Relieves dryness and promotes a healthy-looking glow.
    All Things Pure Eye Oil
    Nourishing Plant Oil Blend for Face and Eyes
  • Nighttime Anti-Aging Eye Creme
    Gently pat a small amount around the entire eye area every night before bedtime.
    Sleepwear for Eyes
    Overnight age activist eye creme
  • Eye Exfoliator
    Apply a thin layer under eye area at night, 2-3 times a week. Avoid getting into eyes.
    Quick Refiner for Eyes
    A fast-acting, clinically proven gentle peel for aging eyes with exfoliating linked papain, AHAs and lactic acid.