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Winter Skin Woes


Winter Skin Woes


It's finally here! We've reached the halfway point between November and March – the months when over 80 million Americans say their skin gets dry and itchy. We've talked before about dry skin causes and remedies to help dry itchy skin, but now we want to turn the focus specifically to moisturizers. Not all skin is created equal when it comes to how much additional it needs, but the truth is that ALL skin types need a moisturizer in their daily skin care routine.

Dry/Very Dry Skin:

It might seem obvious that skin needs an extra surge of moisture during the winter, but simply layering on more of your normal moisturizer just won't cut it. Bioelements Crucial Moisture will improve the look of fine lines with lubricating hydrators and deliver relief for dry skin. Dealing with skin that's very dry? Switch to a more intense, yet non-greasy formula like Bioelements Really Rich Moisture .

PRO TIP: For days when you need extra relief, use Bioelements Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy for 10 minutes to transform even the driest skin.

Combination Skin:

The first step to moisturizing combination skin is identifying it! If you only experience visible oil along your t-zone, you have combination skin. Look for  a moisturizer with smart self-adjusting hydrators to remedy dry winter skin on the cheeks without over-moisturizing your oily areas – like lightweight Bioelements Absolute Moisture.

PRO TIP: For added daily moisture, apply Moisture x10 under moisturizer. It will boosts your moisturizer efficiency and bind water to skin to keep it soft and supple all day.

Oily Skin:

Some people with oily skin wouldn't dream of adding more moisture to their already shine-prone complexion. But, believe it or not, hydration is necessary! Dry winter air can rob moisture from the skin. This loss can cause oily skin to further increase oil production to overcompensate. Bioelements Beyond Hydration will hydrate without leaving you looking like an oil slick.

PRO TIP: Worried about breakouts? Dab on Bioelements Breakout Control right under under your moisturizer. It works invisibly to clear and prevent pimples.

Sensitive Skin:

Winter's dry air can make sensitive skin conditions worse by further weakening your skin's protective barrier. Combat barrier breakdown by adding an extra defense with a serum like Bioelements Stress Solution. When worn under Bioelements Calmitude Sensitive Skin Moisturizer, it will boost skin's resistance to environmental irritants and protect against visible irritation.

No matter your skin type, the number one thing everyone can do to avoid winter skin stress is to cleanse with lukewarm water. It might be tempting to take a long, hot shower, but doing so can strip your skin of crucial moisture and make winter skin problems worse. Have winter skin care questions? Leave them in the comments!

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Barbara Salomone
Barbara Salomone

Yes, it’s absolutely fine to use both of these products together. In fact, using Quick Refiner prior to an application of Oil Control Sleepwear will help the active ingredients in Oil Control Sleepwear penetrate even better!


I have been using the oil control sleepwear and see that it has been really helping hydrate my oily skin during these cold winter months.:) My question is I also use the quick refiner….is it ok to use both of these products, as one contains glycolic acid and the other retinol?

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