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Why is my skin so dry? Skin care mistakes.

Why is my skin so dry? Skin care mistakes.

As skin care professionals, we are asked the question "why is my skin so dry?" on a regular basis. Dry skin and dehydrated skin are persistent concerns for many, but the causes are often surprising. Keep reading to see the unexpected causes of dry skin.

Why is my skin so dry?

There are many reasons your skin can be dry or dehydrated. For some, it's their natural skin type due to genetics and for others it's a temporary skin concern caused by an external source. See our list of surprising dry skin causes below:


1) Artificial fragrances and dyes

While brightly colored cleansers and glittery lotions that smell like candy are tempting, these products are loaded with artificial fragrances and dyes that wreak havoc on the skin. These skin irritants cause breakouts and excessive dryness.

The solution: Always read the skin care label before purchasing a new product – and look for "fragrance" "parfum" or color dyes. Bioelements skin care products contain no synthetic fragrances or dyes. The colors and scents come from the natural ingredients used in these products. For example, Plump Start’s signature hue comes from its natural Australian wild plums. Bioelements cleansers and moisturizers achieve their aroma from 100% pure essential and botanical oils like black current, apricot and cardamon.


2) Hot showers and baths

"Why is my skin so dry after I shower?" is another question we constantly receive, and for good reason. Hot water dries out your skin and removes its protective moisture barrier. This leads to dry, cracked, and uncomfortable skin.

The solution: Simple, make sure to keep the temperature moderate and don't stay in for very long. Always follow with an emollient moisturizer to keep skin soft and comfortable.


3) Incorrect daily skin care

Using the wrong skin care is like wearing a size 2 in jeans when you're actually a size 8 — it just doesn't fit. If you naturally have dry skin and use products designed for oily skin, you rob your skin of much needed moisture. Even if your natural skin type isn't dry, if you use the wrong skin care regularly you can dry it out.

The solution:Identify your skin type and concerns before starting a daily routine. To find a routine designed specifically for your skin type, click here. It is also crucial to stay consistent with the skin care regime that works for you.


4) Forced heating or air conditioning

Sitting indoors with either air-conditioning or forced heated air robs your skin of naturally lubricating lipids and moisture. Regardless of the season, your skin is at risk of dehydration.

The solution:Always use a moisturizer twice a day to keep dehydration at bay. You can also boost hydration by using a soothing skin serum. Moisture x10 provides rapid relief and boosts the efficiency of your moisturizer. Bioelements new Plump Start delivers a continuous veil of intelligent hydration while also providing anti-aging benefits.


5) UV Damage

Not only does prolonged UV exposure cause dehydration, but it breaks down collagen, contributes to 90% of age signs, causes hyperpigmentation, and leaves you at risk for cancer. Surprisingly most of the UV damage you acquire throughout your lifetime is actually from small daily things, like walking from your car to the store, or even driving.

The solution:Always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen, even when you plan to stay inside. Unless you need a flashlight to see, you need to wear SPF. Make sure to reapply throughout the day if you are outside for any extended period of time.


Next time you ask yourself "why is my skin so dry?" scan through this list to see if you're committing any of these dry skin mistakes. If you have any questions about dry or dehydrated skin sign up for our newsletter here or comment below!

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