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When To Start Using Anti-Aging Products

When To Start Using Anti-Aging Products

Think you're too young for anti-aging skin care? Think again. Estheticians, dermatologists and researchers alike agree that it is important to start young to prevent premature aging. Keep reading to learn when to start using anti-aging products.

should you start using anti-aging products?

It's easy to take your skin for granted when you're young. And while some may think that anti-aging products are only for women in their 30's or older, it's actually crucial to start in your 20's. In fact, the skin care product that prevents the most aging is broad spectrum sunscreen – a product you should start wearing as a child.

We asked a skin care expert when to start using anti-aging products:

"While you should start using sunscreen as a child, the right age to start using anti-aging creams, serums, toners, etc. is in your early 20's," says Teresa Stenzel, licensed esthetician and member of our Esthetics Experts Panel. "Since the skin chronologically starts slowing down after age 22, and our skin is constantly bombarded with aging atmospheric stressors, it's very important to begin applying anti-aging skin care products while you are in your early 20's."

Stenzel urges us to think of it like exercise. "You don't wait until you are older to begin taking care of your body, right?" she asks. "The younger you start 'exercising' your skin and fortifying it with professional anti-aging ingredients and formulas, the better off your skin will be – and the younger you will look – throughout your life."

the best anti-aging products

broad spectrum sunscreens

UV damage is responsible for 90% of age signs on your skin, making sunscreens the single most important anti-aging tool you could possibly use. If you want healthy, youthful skin wear a broad spectrum sunscreen every single day (no matter what) and reapply every two hours if you are outside. Any "tan" is just a sign of damage to your skin and a blueprint of where wrinkles and hyperpigmentation will develop over time.

pollution protection products

Research suggests that pollution protection skin care will have as big of an impact in the future as UV protection. In today's increasingly dirty world, pollution-related aging is rapidly growing. Protect your skin with pollution protection products like Urban Undo Cleanser and Remineralist Daily Moisture to detoxify and defend your skin.


We've said it before and we'll say it again: exfoliation is vital for healthy skin, regardless of your skin concern. When done properly, exfoliation triggers the skin's self-reparative ability, increases the rate of cell turnover, increases lymph flow, and strengthens nerve function – all factors that help maintain youthful skin.

anti-aging serums and cremes

Last but not least, anti-aging cremes and serums are a great option to achieve the skin you want. Bioelements Age Activist products, like Plump Start and vc10 Daily Glow can provide your skin with deep hydration while it visually brightens and improves the look of existing wrinkles and fine lines.

Want to streamline your anti-aging routine? Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum provides powerful all-in-one anti-aging benefits.Whether you're looking for preventative care or to turn back the clock, this serum is one of the best anti-aging products for 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.

This best-selling formula uses clinical-strength retinol, peptides, CoQ10 and fermented pumpkin that empowers the skin to resist the signs of aging. It brightens, hydrates, smoothes, minimizes pores, improves lines and firms the skin. After just two weeks, 86% say it diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dull/lackluster skin while providing a youthful glow (1).

the importance of spa treatments

When people ask when to start anti-aging, they usually think of skin care products and not spa treatments. Anti-aging spa treatments and anti-aging facials are another way to keep your skin youthful the longest. They're the number one celebrity skin care tip and clearly they help you keep the complexion you want!

"Anti-aging facials should begin in the 20's to keep skin strong, healthy and more resistant to the toxic effects of intrinsic aging," shares Stenzel. "Your esthetician will help you choose the facial that targets your skin concerns, and also works with your skin's sensitivity level on the day of treatment."

Anti-aging products, facials and treatments are important, but there are also bad habits you need to ditch if you truly want healthy, glowing skin. See our list of skin aging bad habits.

1)Scientifically tested results based on 14-day consumer perception study.

If you have any questions about when to start using anti-aging products, leave a comment below. We're here to help!

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