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Are you a victim of an overly “simple” skin care routine?

Are you a victim of an overly “simple” skin care routine?

Ever hear a client say this to you? "I'm so sensitive that I just use water to wash my face. Nothing else."  Whenever we hear this, we inwardly cringe – knowing that part of the reason this poor client is having such trouble with her skin because she is not giving her skin what it needs to be healthy.

There is a skin care routine trend out there to simplify steps to save time. For example, one product that does the work of 10, or an "exfoliating" face cloth that you use over and over with no cleanser. These may sound great at first, but they can lead to problems down the road as the skin struggles to compensate for the mis-handling and damage that these gimmicks do to the skin. Since every skin is different, you cannot have a  "one size fits all" mentality when caring for the largest organ of your body.  Cutting corners is not something you want to do when it comes to your skin.

Professional skin care is designed to work with the skin to help it perform at its best. Professional formulas are created based on the science behind skin function and is geared to give each skin what it needs, based on the skin type, and the client's skin concerns. Bioelements believes in order to have healthy, younger-looking skin, you need to follow these simple, but ESSENTIAL steps in your skin care routine:

1.       CLEANSE:  This has to be done twice a day. At night, you need to remove the grime and makeup that you have 'picked up' along the way throughout your day, and is now on the surface of your skin and in your pores. In the morning, it removes what your skin picked up from your pillow and bedding. Cleansing also exercises your skin. It revs up circulation, removes dead skin cells, and stimulates.

2.       TONE: A toner is necessary to rebalance and hydrate your skin, and to prepare it for maximum absorption of whatever active ingredients or formulas you apply next. A toner or tonic also 'feeds' the skin with whatever your skin needs, based on the formula you are using.

3.       PROTECT/MOISTURIZE: It's important to find the right Moisturizer for your skin type so your skin stays smooth, balanced and nourished. During the day, you should never leave the house without applying a moisturizing broad spectrum sunscreen. When used as directed, sunscreen will safeguard the skin to decrease the risk of skin cancer and early age signs caused by the sun.

4.       OVERNIGHT REJUVENATION: At night, the body might be at rest, but the skin is hard at work. Using a nighttime treatment that is designed for your skin type will help your skin repair itself. All while you sleep!

5.       EXFOLIATE:  Regular exfoliation is what helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, unclog pores and remove dulling dead surface cells. Whether you choose a physical scrub or chemical exfoliant, this step is one that will help give you instant gratification and long-term results.

The products you use for each step will vary among different skin types, but Bioelements has made it easy by putting the essentials for your skin type all in one Starter Kit for Great Skin in a Box. Whether you are Dry/Very Dry, Combination, Oily/Very Oily, or have Sensitive skin, there is a skin care routine for your skin type – now THAT'S simple skin care done right.

Have a question about the right products for your skin care routine? Or maybe you're wondering what your true skin type is? Ask us in the comments!

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