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Why 24-hour mascara is bad for your skin


Why 24-hour mascara is bad for your skin

It's great to know what the best products are to keep your skin looking great, but what about the products that are unnecessary – the ones that do more harm than good? Last week we told you our thoughts on BB creams – the Snuggies of skin care. This week, We'd like to talk about a product category that in recent years has spun out of control: Mascara. What does mascara have to do with skin care? A lot – especially when it's an unnecessary thick, gluey, 24-hour mascara.

The problem with long-lasting, 24-hour mascaras:

At first glance it sounds great, right? "24 hour mascara!" Anything that's touted as lasting 24-hours is usually a good thing. But in this case, it's not. "24-hours" really means "Very Hard To Remove." The formulas in these mascaras are meant to lock on to your lashes and stay put. Tell me: are you really wearing your mascara for 24 hours straight? Are you sleeping in mascara? If so, you can damage your lashes as they break off overnight.

How 24-hour mascaras affect the skin around your eyes

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your entire face. Fine lines and crows feet appear from age, sun exposure and gravity – most often in the form of day-in, day-out pulling and tugging on the skin. The actions you take every day when you apply and remove your makeup – a sideways pull to swipe on eyeliner, a downward tug to apply mascara – over time can have a great affect in how your eyes appear. So it's important to treat the area with a gentle touch. That's why 24-hour mascaras get our Seal of Disapproval – their glue-like formulas require too much aggressive tugging and pulling to remove their stay-put formulas from your lashes.

Take a look at a few 24-hour mascara testimonials we saw online:

"It feels like you're putting glue on your eyelashes and it's really hard to get off."
"Impossible to remove, I feel like I'm torturing my lashes."
"Have to tug at my lashes to get the remainder off."

Our advice? Stick to the thousands of great mascara formulas out there that are gentle to your lashes – and gentle to your skin. Leave the gluey, long-lasting 24-hour ones on the shelf.

What do you think? Are you worried about what daily pulling and tugging around the eyes can do? Tell us in the comments!




2 Responses


I have insanely oily skin, and 24 hour mascara is a MUST for me, if I want it to even stay put for 12-14 hours. I’ve used several long lasting & waterproof mascaras, and none have done any damage to my lashes or caused fall out. I guess if you have very tiny or fragile lashes, it may cause problems. But 24 hour mascara is one of my #1 must have beauty products. I just remove it with the Cover Girl Cream makeup remover, and am sure to wash my entire face with an oil dissolving cleanser afterwards to get rid of any residue. This system has worked for me for over 10 years, with no problems yet. With the cream remover, you don’t have to tug at lashes to remove the mascara. It just swipes off onto a tissue.


I can’t agree more. These types of products tend to damage lashes, making them more fragile and prone to breakage. Most regular mascara formulas today are water resistant and long lasting anyway, so no need to go to the extreme. And, unless these 24 hour formulas are applied with great skill, it look terrible anyway, which kind of brings attention to your eyes for the wrong reason, doesn’ it?

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