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Top 5 wrinkle causes and their skin care solutions

Top 5 wrinkle causes and their skin care solutions

Signs of aging, like lines and sagging, might seem inevitable with chronological age, but there are quite a few lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to them. The good news: some of them are totally avoidable. The bad news: some aren't – but you can combat their effects with professional skin care. We're sharing 5 of the top causes of lines and sagging, and their skin care solutions.

1. Environmental Stress.According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of visible skin changes associated with aging (like lines and wrinkles) are caused by UV exposure – and that's just one environmental stressor you might encounter in a day. You might not realize it, but pollution, dry climate, high wind, second hand smoke, and more are environmental stressors that take their toll on healthy skin. They cause free radical damage and inflammation that degrades collagen and elastin, and leads to premature sagging and line formation.

The solution:To fight free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors, incorporate an antioxidant-rich serum like Advanced VitaMineral C Complex into your daily skin care routine. And always protect against UV damage when you use any of Bioelements moisturizing Broad Spectrum Sunscreens daily.

2. Your diet.You are what you eat – especially when it comes to your skin. Staying properly hydrated, and eating vitamin and antioxidant-packed fruits and veggies might show up on your skin as a healthy glow, but there are some items in your daily diet that can do just the opposite. Dairy, refined sugar, and alcohol are all dietary skin sins that may irritate, inflame, and dehydrate your skin – three things to avoid if premature skin aging isn't on your agenda.

The solution:When you can't avoid your favorite occasional (or not-so-occasional) indulgences, there's professional skin care. Combat inflammation and irritation caused by all three dietary no-no's with an anti-aging serum packed with probiotics that help balance and strengthen skin, and fend off fine lines.

3. Repetition.Occasional squinting won't do much more than encourage you to reach for your sunglasses, but months, or even years, of repetitive facial motions like squinting, scrunching up your forehead, or pursing your lips (a frequent habit of smokers) will have you grabbing for your anti-aging products. With chronological age, your skin's collagen and elastin naturally lose their ability to retain moisture and support the skin, thinning the texture of the skin. Repetitive movements take their toll by reinforcing the direction of lines and wrinkles in skin that's already wearing thin.

The solution:Start by identifying your triggers. Staring at a small phone or book for hours? Always forget your sunglasses? Is your head craned over your computer all day? It's all causing lines to form on your face and neck. Remove the triggers, and reach for anti-aging skin care that will visibly smooth skin, and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

 4. Your genes.Unfortunately, some skin types are more prone to experiencing skin wrinkles and sagging than others. Because thinner, drier skin doesn't produce as much sebum as a thicker oily skin type, it will have a harder time naturally maintaining its hydrolipidic barrier – a protective mix of oil and water the skin produces to keep itself balanced, and guarded against irritation and inflammation. Without it, you'll immediately notice that your skin is more dehydrated and lined. Left unchecked, your skin is vulnerable to wrinkle-causing inflammation.

The solution:Fortunately, fine lines and wrinkles aren't a guarantee for a dry skin type if you use the right skin care. Be sure to replenish the skin's natural protective barrier with a ceramide-packed super serum like CreateFirm.

5. No followthrough.Your skin doesn't stop at your neck, and neither should your skin care. The same anti-aging products that show your results on your face, will do the same for your neck and v-area.

The solution:Just as it is for the skin on your face, so much of improving a sagging skin texture on your neck and chest is balancing the surface barrier. After cleansing, apply an anti-aging toner like Power Peptide. Follow up with a treatment like V-Neck Smoothing Creme that's specifically formulated to treat neck wrinkles – smoothing out texture, and improving the depth of line appearance. Apply it like a pro, using upward motions that counteract the downward pull of gravity.

Not sure where to start with your wrinkle prevention plan? Book a treatment with a Bioelements esthetician. It's their job to get as much information as possible about your genetics, habits, lifestyle, and clues for what's triggering your skin concerns. From there, they can create a customized skin care agenda that will help prevent sagging skin.


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