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This Is The Best Affordable Vitamin C Serum

This Is The Best Affordable Vitamin C Serum

This post is brought to you by our Esthetics Experts Panel, composed of skin care professionals, educators + authorities with decades of experience in the industry.

With the help of our Esthetics Experts Panel, we're breaking down everything you need to know about vitamin C and sharing the best and most affordable vitamin C serum available.

but first: what does vitamin C do?

Vitamin C serums have become very popular, as they are lightweight and absorb with ease. The topical benefits of vitamin C are widely known: it’s a potent antioxidant that fights free radical damage to give you a smoother, brighter and younger-looking complexion. Free radicals are unstable molecules (caused by UV, pollution ‐ our own bodies even produce them) that cause oxidative stress and speed up the appearance of lines, sagging and discoloration.

“Antioxidants improve your skin natural regeneration process to repair damaged cells,” says Debbie Jones, licensed esthetician and member of our Esthetics Experts Panel. “Vitamin C works by binding to these free radicals to prevent oxidative damage and help delay age signs.”

common vitamin C serum complaints

Here’s the problem: many vitamin C formulas in the marketplace come with unwanted drawbacks. Consumers often complain that vitamin C serums can cause irritation, bumps or breakouts. Many vitamin C serums also have an unpleasant odor (like meat, hot dogs or metal). In addition, if a vitamin C serum is not formulated correctly, it can oxidize (that means that light and oxygen will break it down so it’s no longer effective).

a new vitamin C serum solution - without the drawbacks

Bioelements has solved the vitamin C puzzle. The new vc10 daily glow vitamin C serum features:

no irritation: vc10 daily glow is calibrated precisely for max effectiveness and stability at 10% pure C, without introducing irritation, breakouts or bumps.

no oxidation: This formula's gorgeous airless vacuum packaging helps prevent exposure to light and oxygen, which assists in keeping the formula stable until you use the very last drop.

light citrus scent: This vitamin C serum delivers serious glow and a surge of hydration, enveloped in a light, natural citrus aroma.

why vc10 daily glow is the best vitamin C serum

Dawn Gantt, licensed esthetician and member of our Esthetics Experts Panel, sums it up best: “vc10 daily glow is the real deal. This highly effective, balanced formula features three forms of vitamin C, plus vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to deliver results without harsh side effects. Plus, vc10 daily glow vitamin C serum is gentle enough for sensitive skin.”

Not only is vc10 daily glow now the most superior vitamin C serum on the market, it is the most affordable professional formula available.

vc10 daily glow key ingredients

sodium ascorbyl phosphate (vitamin C)

This vitamin C derivative reduces free radical damage and helps increase the appearance of skin firmness, as it brightens skin and evens skin tone.

2nd ingredient listed in formula

ascorbyl glucoside (vitamin C ester)

This vitamin C derivative brightens skin, increases skin turn over, reduces oxidative stress and improves appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5th ingredient listed in formula

natural acerola cherries

These contain 65x greater vitamin C content than an orange and have powerful antioxidant properties; a natural source of vitamin C that promotes a flawless, radiant complexion and naturally brightens skin.

6th ingredient listed in formula

real (and really amazing) clinical results

A study was conducted for vc10 daily glow with 100 women in a 42-day clinical trial, and the reviews and results are outstanding:

  • 91% - skin looks radiant
  • 85% - skin feels hydrated, looks brighter + more toned
  • 97% - this product is gentle enough for daily use
  • 85% - skin feels more supple
  • 95% - this product was non-irritating
  • 86% - skin’s healthy glow is renewed
  • 82% - skin clarity is improved

Not satisfied with your current vitamin C serum? Don’t settle! Swap your C, get your glow.

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