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4 things you CAN'T forget to tell your esthetician

4 things you CAN'T forget to tell your esthetician

When your esthetician asks for more details about your skin before a facial, do you tell her everything? Sure, you may not want to admit that you've been sleeping in your makeup, or that you've been skimping on the SPF – but did you know that the information you omit could negatively affect your facial treatment? When working with professional-strength products, small changes like those mentioned above could mean changing the course of your entire facial treatment to maximize results and avoid negative reactions.

Without realizing it, so much of what we do on a daily basis affects the way our skin looks, feels, and reacts. Sometimes something as small as having an extra cocktail or skipping sleep the night before can dehydrate your skin, making it more sensitive, and more likely to react negatively to your skin care – even if you've used the exact same products for months without incident.

One of the ways an esthetician ensures they get amazing results from a facial is by learning more about their client – beyond what a quick glance at their skin might let on. That's why SkinReading is built directly into the Bioelements Facial Protocol. It gives the professional an opportunity to get to know their client, their habits, and lifestyle choices to ensure they can achieve the best results. This is the time to let your esthetician know about everything about your skin. While some details might make more sense to share than others, you might be surprised at what your skin pros wants to know. We asked Bioelements Facebook fans and estheticians the most important information they want to know before a facial. Here are the 4 things she needs to know:

  1. Allergies. The number 1 thing estheticians said they want to know about their clients are their allergies. But, before you stop at just listing the products and ingredients you know to avoid, don't forget: seasonal allergies can take a toll on your skin too. They frequently come with increased skin sensitivity and inflammation that isn't always visible to the naked eye, but can get out of control if paired with a product that's too active.
  2. Medication.This can be surprising for a lot of people who don't realize the impact their medications have on their skin. For instance, decongestants can be very dehydrating and lead to increased sensitivity, whereas a change in hormonal medication can lead to increased oil production and breakouts. Letting your esthetician know about what you're taking can mean the difference between a calming, hydrating treatment with minimal stimulation, and facial specifically formulated to treat acne.
  3. Your at-home agenda.This might seem like a no-brainer, but clients frequently forget to share allof the details of their daily skin care routines. A gloss over of your weekly routine is useful, but you should also let your esthetician know how recently you used a product that contains skin sensitizing ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) or Retin-A. Sharing how frequently you exfoliate can also help them determine the activity level your skin is used to.
  4. Lifestyle choices.It's no secret that smoking can do a number on your skin over the course of several years, but did you know that it can cause immediate skin-irritating inflammation? Smoking, along with 6 other skin sins, are lifestyle habits that might seem unrelated to the success of your facial, but can have a big impact on how your esthetician treats your skin. Letting her know about poor sleeping habits, or recent alcoholic indulgences will help her treat long-term effects like loss of firmness or deep wrinkles, but also the short-term sensitivities both can cause.

Have questions about what you should share during your next facial? Ask in the comments below!

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