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The Esthetician's Guide to Multi-Masking

The Esthetician's Guide to Multi-Masking

Masking is not a one-size-fits-all type of beauty treatment. Some areas of the face are dry and red, while others are oily, inflamed, or clogged with a major breakout on the horizon. Whatever the array of skin woes may be, the phenomenon of multi-masking, which uses different masks on multi-masking zones (certain areas of the face) to tackle specific skin concerns, is sure to help.

According to Bioelements Esthetics Expert Panelist Dawn Gantt, multi-masking keeps the skin healthy, strong, and feeds it with targeted formulas for specific concerns. “Masks are necessary to address the targeted needs of your skin,” she says.

If you’re going to multi-mask at home and apply several different masks at once, you need to know how to multi-mask effectively and safely. Keep reading to learn more about how to multi-mask and which masks work best for the multi-masking zones.

How to multi-mask

According to our expert estheticians, there are a few different techniques to follow to effectively target your specific skin concerns and maximize the skin benefits of multi-masking.

DO: use multiple masks

Bioelements Esthetics Expert Barbara Arnoux says multi-masking is beneficial for addressing specific needs in several areas. It’s okay to apply one mask to one part of the face and another in a different region for a customized approach. “I can use the Amino Mask where there are breakouts or blackheads and Hydroplunge strengthen the skin barrier and help with flaking and dehydrated skin,” she says.

DON'T: miss the main masking zones

Each part of the face has different requirements on any given day. For example, perhaps the T-zone is congested, and the nose is overly oily. A purging face mask, will decongest clogged spots while oilier regions need a clay oil-absorbing mask. And, let’s say there’s some acne along the jawline—you can spot treat it with an acne mask which contains sulfur to reduce breakouts and remove excess oil. A combination approach hones in on problematic areas and allows different ingredients to be delivered simultaneously to various parts of the face to create healthier-looking skin.

DO: use the right tool

Gantt says using a Multi-Masking Treatment Wand makes applying various masks more accessible to hard-to-get-to areas like the lips, the crevices around the nose, and the eyes. Plus, the wand’s flexible silicone head allows for a smooth and even application of all mask formulas—gels, clays, and creams—which also doubles as the perfect reason to take a selfie.

DON'T: get stuck

Never assume that you should treat your skin with the exact same masks from week to week. The skin’s needs change like moods, and what may be suitable one day might not be what it needs a few weeks later. So instead of always sticking to the same routine, assess your skin before masking, determine the two or three most prominent issues and focus on them. The cheeks, chin, eye area, and forehead are the most common areas that struggle with skin issues.

DO: mix + match

Take a mix-and-match approach when multi-masking and consider common skin issues that tend to arise together. Here are some great combos:

dry + lackluster skin:
team up a hydrating mask, like Hydroplunge, with a brightening one such as Radiance Rescue.

dehydration + visible fine lines:
combine a collagen face mask with caffeine eye mask for added moisture.

oily t-zone + dry cheeks:
apply a clay mask, like Restorative Clay, to the T-zone and Hydroplunge on the cheeks, jawline, outer forehead, and neck.

jawline hormonal breakouts + wrinkles around face and eyes:
use Amino Mask on broken-out spots, Collagen Rehab everywhere else, and Radiance Rescue around the eyes.

aging skin:
Collagen Rehab on the face + lips, and Radiance Rescue around the eyes to help with fine lines and dark circles.



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