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Teen skin care: What you need to know

Teen skin care: What you need to know

Teen skin care can be confusing at best and downright maddening. Teens today already face mounting daily pressures of school, tests, sports and other responsibilities. Plus, there is a ton of false information circulating the internet that makes it difficult to tell fact from myth. Keep reading to learn the top skin care tips for teens and the perfect at home routine.


Estheticians' tops tips for teens

We spoke to our expert esthetician panel to find out the best tips for teen skin care:


Consistency is key

"In your teens, a basic daily cleansing and moisturizing regimen is essential. Once this regimen is in place, incorporate one acne-fighting product at a time, being sure to follow instructions for proper use. Be consistent. Commit to it. Results build over time, not overnight.

Infrequent random applications of a product intended for daily use won't get you very far. That being said, more product does not equal better or faster results. Too much of a good thing may irritate the skin and cause a setback." – Laura Kania, Licensed Esthetician, Snips SpaSalon

"Cleansing your face on a daily basis is huge – cleansing only when you feel too oily won't help you achieve the skin you want. Consistency is key." –Tina Martinez, Licensed Esthetician, Flawless Beauty By Tina


Hands off

"Don't pick. Don't pop pimples. Extractions are not always advisable, and when they are, it's a task best left to the professionals. Resist the temptation. Deep down, we all know that the only thing you accomplish when you disturb a healing blemish is to lengthen its healing time!

Also, be aware that even unintentional contact can transfer dirt, oil and bacteria. Do your best to avoid touching your face with unwashed hands. Keep your phone, headphones, and eyeglasses clean. Launder pillowcases, towels and hats frequently. Wash your face after you rinse out your hair conditioner." – Laura Kania

"Keep your hands off your face! Picking at your acne is terrible for your skin and will only make it worse – plus it could lead to scaring. Try not to mindlessly touch your face during the day too." –Tina Martinez


Don't fear moisturizer

"Excess oil production is a factor in acne, but making sebum enemy number one is problematic. Healthy skin requires an oil-to-water balance. Teens who try to fight acne by stripping away skin oils can end up with sensitized, inflamed, and dehydrated skin.

Bioelements Beyond Hydration and Bioelements Absolute Moisture are great lightweight moisturizer options. Both can be Custom Blended by an esthetician to specifically target your skin concerns." – Laura Kania


Self care

"Acne can be infuriating! Effective treatment requires effort and patience. Plus, we all want to feel good about what we see in the mirror. Teen acne can make you hate your own face some days.

Pro tip? Show yourself some love! Drink more water. Get more sleep. Eat healthfully. Get active. Stretch. Breathe. Use skin care products that feel and smell as good as they work. Take the time for a facial. Take care of you. Your skin will thank you for all of this!" – Laura Kania


Find the right routine

"Finding the right teenage skin care routine is key! Basic cleansing, toning and moisturization can do so much. If you aren't doing that properly the skin barrier can't function the way it needs too and you are going to be fighting a losing battle.

Once you can get in a routine that is appropriate for your skin type you can go further with things like masks, exfoliation, and spot treatments like Breakout Control (my favorite!).

I really feel like regular facials and proper home care have to be in place before any progress can be made. Start with these basics." Rita Holland, Licensed Esthetician, Marguerite's Skin Care & Makeup

"Teens, like everyone, should cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice daily with the right products for their skin type – no more, no less. Exfoliating and masking 1-3 times per week and using a spot treatment for acne creates the perfect routine." –Nina Holt, Esthetician, Westwood Studio and Spa



Professional treatments for teens

Regular spa treatments along with the right at home routine is the fastest way to achieve the skin you want. The Bioelements Teen Facial is designed specifically for teenaged skin. It targets stress-related breakouts, dark circles, and dullness, featuring a deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by an unbelievable aromatherapy massage – plus, gentle extractions.

Watch the highlights of each step of the Teen Facial below:

Find a spa near you

Estheticians, this is the perfect treatment to introduce teen clients to the benefits of professional facials and products, so they can see first-hand how the right formulas can help them embrace their natural skin and see long term, healthy results.


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