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Sudden breakout? How to treat skin emergencies like an esthetician

Sudden breakout? How to treat skin emergencies like an esthetician

Ever wake up the morning with a sudden breakout on your chin? Or a Ruldolph-like red nose after battling a nasty cold virus? Whether you're a skin care junkie or even an esthetician, skin emergencies happen to the best of us.

Thankfully, there are plenty of skin emergencies estheticians deal with regularly, both on their client's skin and their own. Read on for pro tips on handling skin emergencies from our expert estheticians.

Skin Emergency #1: Sudden breakout

Sudden breakouts are one of the most common skin care emergencies for any age. The MOMENT you see or even feel a pimple or sudden breakout starting to form, run to your bathroom and grab Bioelements Breakout Control and Amino Mask, then follow these steps:

1) Spot treat with Breakout Control a few times a day. Its 5% pharmaceutical grade formula works invisibly and won't dry out your skin.

2) Take a q-tip and apply Bioelements Amino Mask on top of the Breakout Control, then let it sit for 15-30 minutes. Remove with cool water and apply your moisturizer. Ideally this should be done at night, but if you're dealing with a sudden breakout the morning of a big event, apply this duo in the AM.

These two steps can be performed every day until the pimple goes away. You'll see improvement quickly.

Don't forget – you can always call in the pros! If you feel a pimple starting to form, let your esthetician know right away. Estheticians have tools you don't have at home, like a high frequency wand that kills P. acnes bacteria. They can help stop that pimple from reaching the surface or even reduce an existing pimple by performing a facial specifically for acne.


Skin Emergency #2: Post-Wax Irritation

Waxing is wonderful way to get rid of unwanted hair, but it is often intensely irritating. No one wants to deal with red, irritated skin, but as long as you follow these steps after waxing, you'll avoid redness or bumps.

1) Spritz the skin with Calmitude® Hydrating Solution. Its ultra-calming formula helps protect against irritation and redness.


2) Apply Stress Solution to all affected areas morning and night. Stress Solution helps soothe the skin while protecting against visible irritation. If your skin is prone to irritation, even when you're not waxing, this should be your go-to daily product.

3) Do not exfoliate! Exfoliating is a necessary element to any good skin routine, but when your skin is irritated it's best to ditch the exfoliators to prevent further irritation.

Tip: It is always important to wear a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen every day, but it is absolutely imperative that you wear SPF post-wax, when skin is more vulnerable to UV damage.


Skin Emergency #3: Red, Sore Nose from a Cold or Flu

Cold and flu season is almost upon us and while your health should be your first concern, you also shouldn't neglect your skin. Having a runny nose or blowing your nose frequently is a surefire way to induce red, sore and generally irritated skin in that area. Instead of suffering through until your cold is gone, soothe the skin around your nose immediately with these steps:

1) Do a ten minute Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy mask to help soften and soothe your skin. This creme formula is a fast-fix to lubricate the driest skin.

2) Apply Calmitude Sensitive Skin Moisturizer daily – or even more frequently throughout the day as you continue to blow your nose. This moisturizer is ultra-gentle and protects against visible irritation.


Want even more skin care tips, pro tricks and more from our experts delivered straight to your inbox? Sign up here! If there's another skin emergency you need information on that we didn't cover above, just comment below.

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