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Stress and skin: 4 concerns & their easy solutions

Stress and skin: 4 concerns & their easy solutions

Stress and skin make an unfortunate combination. Everyday stress can cause many skin concerns, including acne, dehydration, oily skin, irritation and more. While you should work to reduce stress for your overall health and wellbeing, sometimes stress is unavoidable. Learn 4 ways to protect your skin from the damage stress causes.


1. Stress acne

Stress and skin blemishes go hand-in-hand (hello stress acne!). When your body is exposed to stress, your brain triggers a hormonal reaction. A surge of hormones can disrupt the skin's natural cycle, which often leads to breakouts. It's the same reason women tend to breakout during their time of the month.

If you want to keep stress acne at bay, you may need to modify your normal skin care routine. If you have a stubborn or large breakout, switch your daily routine to include to Spotless Cleanser and Acne Toner twice daily and Amino Mask once a week. If you just have a pimple or two, spot treat with Breakout Control.


2. Excess oil

Stress can worsen just about every skin problem, including oily skin. Like stated above, stress triggers your body to release hormones, which sets off a chain reaction that eventually results in your skin producing excess oil. While your skin needs some oil to stay supple and healthy, too much oil leads to a shiny complexion, congestion, clogged pores and breakouts – skin concerns no one wants.

If you don't naturally have oily skin, but your skin tends to become oily when you experience stress, try adding Oil Control Mattifier to your routine under times of stress. This lightweight blotting creme will keep surface shine at bay at blog any breakthrough oil.


3. Puffy under eyes

Stress and skin are about as closely linked as sleep and skin, and since stress tends to impact sleep, both can wreak havoc on your complexion. Experts recommend that the average adult gets 7-9 hours of sleep per night*. When you regularly sleep less than this, your body retains more fluid which can cause puffy under eyes.

Sleep is imperative to your overall health, including your complexion, but sometimes it isn't possible to get the 7-9 hours that you need. That's where Sleepwear for Eyes can help. This overnight eye creme works while you sleep to moisturize and nourish the thin, fragile skin under your eyes.

The dream team formula will improve wrinkles, fine lines, texture, and tone leaving your skin more firm and bright. You will wake up looking like you had a full night's sleep, even if you haven't. Use a small amount every night before bed for total improvement.


4. Irritation & sensitivity

Most skin concerns can be aggravated by stress, especially irritation and sensitivity. An increase in stress can cause skin to become more sensitized, reactive, irritated and red.

If you frequently experience sensitive skin, use the proper cleanser, toner and moisturizer in your daily routine. Soothe irritation with some added protection: Stress Solution. This lightweight serum helps protect against visible irritation to help skin look healthy and smooth.




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*National Sleep Foundation


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