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Stress and Acne: Does Stress Cause Acne?

Stress and Acne: Does Stress Cause Acne?

Does stress cause acne? Absolutely. Stress and acne go hand in hand regardless of your age. When you're stressed out, your skin is also stressed out, which will lead to a multitude of different problems. Stress is one of the most common acne triggers in women over 40, so it's important to know why that is and how you can prevent acne in the future.

Stress and acne are so commonly seen together because any time the body is exposed to stress, the brain triggers a hormonal reaction. These hormonal changes disrupt the skin's natural cycle, which can easily lead to breakouts. Whether the stressor is internal or external, immune and nervous system reactions are also triggered, leaving you vulnerable.

Stress and acne go together, but so do stress and other skin issues. Not only are you vulnerable to skin related problems when you're chronically stressed out, but you're also at risk for more serious health complications. This is why it's absolutely crucial to cut down on stress in any way that you can. Follow a few of these quick tips to help eliminate stress.

Obviously not all stress can be eliminated, which is why you need to find the best stress acne treatments. The first steps to combat stress and acne is to use the right products, and know which ingredients to watch out for. And finally, a professional acne facial is a great way to get rid of stress acne.

Make sure you educate yourself and make some lifestyle changes if you need to cut back on both stress and acne. If you have any questions or concerns about stress and acne, comment below!

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