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How To Prevent Oily Skin: Look In Your Medicine Cabinet

How To Prevent Oily Skin: Look In Your Medicine Cabinet

Wondering how to stop oily skin? Your medicine cabinet may be to blame. Over 70% of Americans take prescription drugs – and many more take over the counter medications on a daily basis. These drug may actually be the cause of your unexplained oil and shine. Many drugs actually list oily skin as a side effect, but because it's not a "serious" issue it's placed near the bottom where it's often overlooked. Hormonal birth control and hormone replacement medications are the most common medications that can cause an increase in oil production, frequently leading to an oily forehead or oily t-zone.

On the other hand, many other common medications can cause skin dryness, which can also lead to oily skin. When the skin is dehydrated (or when it thinks it's dehydrated) it signals the production of more oil to protect itself, which leads to oily skin. Dryness caused by medication is extremely common, yet it often goes unnoticed. Even simple over-the-counter medications, like most cough medicines, can dry out the skin and create skin that is simultaneously dry AND oily.

Excess oil can contribute to breakouts, congestion and dullness, so oily skin remedies are necessary if you want clear, healthy skin. Sometimes an oily skin treatment is simply stopping the medication – but that may not be possible for many who depend on medications to keep them healthy. Always consult your doctor before stopping any medications. If you can't discontinue use of your medication, don't worry! Instead, focus on using the right products for oily skin.

The best cleanser for oily skin is our Decongestant  Cleanser, which removes all traces of excess oil and impurities. If you're looking for the best toner for oily skin, give our Equalizer toner a try. It hydrates and rebalances the skin. In the case of oily skin caused by dryness it is absolutely crucial to find the correct moisturizers for oily skin, like our hydrating moisturizer specifically designed for this issue. It's important to hydrate the skin even if it seems unusual to put moisturizer on oily skin. If you're still struggling with breakthrough shine, always finish with Oil Control Mattifier. It's great for oil control throughout the day.

Medication is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to oily skin. Find out what else can cause oily skin here.


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