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Squinting, eye wrinkles, and your plan of action


Squinting, eye wrinkles, and your plan of action

How are you reading this? On a computer? Or a tablet – like an iPad? Are you reading it on a smart phone – like a Blackberry, or an iPhone?

Is it sunny outside? Have you spent the entire day in front of a computer, or switching your gaze from computer to TV to text message to Facebook app to Twitter?

From the time you wake up until you close your eyes, you're focusing and re-focusing. And you've probably squinted throughout the day, as your eyes strain to focus, re-focus and read smaller screens. Day-in, day-out repetitive squinting can lead to – you guessed it! – fine lines, wrinkles and crowsfeet around the eyes. So what can you do to stop squinting and its effects?


Don't forget to apply your broad spectrum sunscreen around your eye area. The sun's UV rays are the #1 skin ager, causing fine lines and uneven texture around the eyes.


Keep a pair of sunglasses with you, and wear them anytime the sun is shining to help shield your eyes and minimize squinting.


Apply a daytime eye creme that does the job of multiple products. Bioelements Multi-Task Eye Creme combats dark circles, eases puffiness, strengthens and moisturizes the entire eye area.


Increase the font size on your computer, phone or tablet screens so you're not straining your eyes to read every sentence.


Give yourself an "eye break" every few hours. Close your eyes, shut off your thoughts and relax the tension in your face.


While you sleep, depend on an overnight creme like Bioelements Sleepwear for Eyes to reduce fine lines and increase the feel of firmness.


Exfoliating the skin surrounding your eyes comes with many benefits that promote anti-aging. Find an eye exfoliant that's gentle enough for the delicate skin around your eyes and apply it at night, prior to your anti-aging eye cream.

Are you attached to your digital devices? Are you trying to combat lines and wrinkles around your eyes? Tell us in the comments!

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3 Responses


These are the things I always forget about. And I’m chained to my phone and computer all day. thanks for the tips!


Great article. I never realized this before but now I’m going to pay attention!


These are great points! I never thought of all the squinting I do with all of my devices. Another tip to share is to teach our children to protect their eyes too from the sun and to start wearing sunglasses at an early age. They’re not just a cute fashion statement for mom and dad. Early protection is key!

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