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Spa Stories: What's Missing From this Facial?


Spa Stories: What's Missing From this Facial?

By Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education

One of the best parts of my role as Bioelements Director of Education is that I'm able to talk on a daily basis with skin care professionals all over the globe. I think it's safe to say I've heard thousands of stories from estheticians about what can happen inside the spa treatment room. Now, it's time I share some of the most educational and eye-opening stories with you in an ongoing series – ones that I think will have great lessons for estheticians – as well as spa-goers!

The Situation

2 weeks after receiving a facial, a client returns to her esthetician saying that the facial caused her to "breakout."

The Facial

The first thing I did after hearing this story was to ask what was used during the facial. I learned that the esthetician applied Bioelements Lactic-Plus Peel – an advanced liquid gel exfoliator – for 5 minutes, not wanting to leave it on longer for a more aggressive peel.

Next, I asked I asked about the client's at-home skin agenda. The esthetician wasn't sure what products were used at home.

The Lesson: What's missing here?

I immediately saw a red flag. Did this esthetician perform a SkinReading and professionally recommend Bioelements for her client to use at home?  No.

SkinReading is a system to accurately read, identify, and correct skin concerns includes professionally recommending products so clients experience success even after they leave the spa. It begins at "Hello" and doesn't end until the client checks out, and it's the most important tool for a successful treatment. SkinReading allows you to provide a better treatment, because you understand how a client is currently taking care (or not taking care) of her skin at home.

But here's the key: You totally lose control of your treatment results once the client leaves your room if you don't send her home with the right at-home products. You run the risk of the client assuming the facial is causing future skin problems, which in fact, the client did in the example above.

But this isn't just a lesson for estheticians! Spa-goers: want your future facials to yield the best result possible? Always disclose the products you are using at home to your esthetician. As this story illustrates, doing so can help them better treat your skin both in and out of the treatment room. This is also a reminder that sticking to one brand, rather than cherry picking from multiple, can not only help provide predictable results once your facial is done, but it can also help your esthetician pinpoint what exactly needs to change if a reaction occurs.

Have a spa story of your own? Share it in the comments section or contact Teresa directly at Teresa@bioelements.com

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February 12, 2019

I want to say I have used BioElements solely for many years . I constantly get compliments on my skin . I am a natural auburn redhead with fair skin.


This is great basic information and I will certainly pass this on to my clients. I don’t run into this problem much because I do recommend the BioElements line and let them know what the possible repercussions of using Olay can be! Thanks for a good post.


Hi Erin, Thanks for the questions. But I must say, you ARE a key component of your client’s skin health. You do have the responsibility to guide your clients, based on your professional expertise. So, I wouldn’t try to convince your client that it’s not JUST you. You can compare what you do to the dental hygenist that gives your teeth a professional cleaning. Fantastic results, but how often does this happen? A few times a year? Even if you see your client once or twice a month, your client has to take care of her own skin, morning and night, 365 days a year. If she loves the results from your facial, you can tell her that you professionally recommend that she leaves your spa with the same level of professional products to use daily at home. If the results you provide is the reason that she ‘sees you’, then remind her of that face and say that she sees her own face way more often than you do, and she needs to have a daily essential skin care routine to continue the results that you started in your treatment room.

Erin Constantin
Erin Constantin

So I’m new as an aesthetian & I was taught to ask about what they are using at home & if it is bad product we recommend a dermalogica skin care regimen. So my question is what if we do everything we’re supposed to at recommending better products & why they are better, how can I get them to understand it’s not me ? I always educate them & even try to recommend changing some of their lifestyle. But the biggest response I get is " that’s why I see you". Just a little help and advice would be fabulous.

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