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How to Keep Skin Young All Over: Anti-Aging Body Lotion & More Tips

How to Keep Skin Young All Over: Anti-Aging Body Lotion & More Tips

Unless you're under 21, nobody likes to be mistaken for being older than they actually are. Fortunately there are certain measures you can take to prevent the appearance of aging. For starters, you can quit smoking and avoid the sun, but there's much more to anti-aging than that. It's important to educate yourself and use the right products to protect your skin.

Many people already use anti-aging products on their face, but they're all making one crucial mistake: They forget about their bodies. Your face isn't the only body part that gives away your age. In fact, your neck, chest, hands and elbows are all dead giveaways for aging, especially if you're not protecting your skin. Not to mention it's hard to maintain a youthful glow when the skin on your arms, legs and stomach is sagging and dull.

Considering 90% of skin aging comes from the sun, the single best thing you can do to keep skin young is to use broad spectrum sunscreen all over your body. However, using the right anti-aging products, like anti-aging body wash and anti-aging body lotion will help you keep that youthful glow as well. We'll show you how to keep skin young by giving you the best preventative products and tips.


Comfortably Clean

If you want to refine aging skin, cleanse neck to toes with Bioelements Comfortably Clean. This shower gel can be used as your daily body cleanser. It has a powerful foaming action that rinses off quickly, which is great when you're in a hurry. Comfortably Clean leaves you feeling squeaky-clean, but the best part about it is its anti-aging properties. We've packed it with our signature blend of 100% pure essential oils, including bergamot and grapefruit.  These essential oils work to hydrate skin naturally, which in turn helps skin maintain a youthful appearance. This anti-aging body wash has been dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating, so it's also a great option for sensitive skin.


Extremely Emollient

Even if you're careful, the environment is harsh for skin. Our Extremely Emollient daily anti-aging body lotion provides a 24-hour moisture barrier to protect skin against even the harshest environmental aggressors. It's one of our crucial products to combat aging by reviving dullness thanks to its unique antioxidant blend. This anti-aging body lotion nourishes and hydrates your skin all while giving you a delightful scent thanks to the 100% pure essential oils – like mandarin orange and lavender.


Dry Brush Body Smoothing System

Dry brushing to shed dull, aging skin is the new celebrity craze and we see why! This is one of our favorite pieces of advice to give when people ask how to keep skin young. By using a Professional Dry Brush before you shower you'll exfoliate dead, dulling skin and renew smooth, soft skin underneath. Before you shower, simply brush your entire body from neck to toes gently with the dry brush. Ensure that it doesn't get wet for the best results. After brushing, shower using the hydrating Comfortably Clean body wash and finish with the Extremely Emollient Daily Body Creme.


If you have any questions about these products, leave a comment below. If you're interested in more body skin care, see our complete list of anti-aging body products here.

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