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The Kerafole 7-day skin purge: Why you need to try it

The Kerafole 7-day skin purge: Why you need to try it

You may have heard of the fan-favorite Kerafole Purge, but do you know how the skin purging process works? Read on to learn why you need a skin purge and how to skin purge whiteheads, congestion and other impurities away.


Why do I need a skin purge?

Every single day the skin is bombarded with environmental stressors such as pollutants and UV radiation. These factors produce a large number of aggressive, skin-aging free radicals that damage skin cell membranes and hinder normal skin function. Over time this results in congested, broken out, dull, rough, lined and wrinkled skin.

Bioelements developed the Kerafole facial mask to address these skin concerns. But skin care pros soon discovered a secret – if their clients used the mask for 7 days straight, their skin would experience a total purge of impurities. This is how the Kerafole Purge was born.

"I love the Kerafole Purge. It's such a great way to rejuvenate your skin. Every time I complete it my skin feels brighter, smoother, and more hydrated. It also helps the appearance of fine lines and large pores!" – Rhonda Robb, licensed esthetician and Bioelements educator


Kerafole skin purging process

Kerafole is a unique 10-minute deep purging facial mask that reveals fresh, radiant skin with natural exfoliators. Apply it once or twice a week to maintain healthy skin. "However, for an extra push for skin that is sluggish, congested, dull-looking and rough, apply Kerafole every day consecutively for 7 days straight – no skipping." –Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education

When applied daily for a week, Kerafole will stimulate circulation throughout the skin. This stimulation of skin's tissue signals deep toxins to move closer to the surface with each consecutive mask application, until they are finally purged up and out of the skin. Skin stimulation also helps your lymphatic system work more efficiently, which helps filter out toxins and leave your skin clear and fresh. The Kerafole Purge's gentle daily exfoliation helps slough away dead skin cells to reveal younger, fresher skin underneath.

"By keeping up the stimulation process every 24 hours for 7 nights in a row, your skin won't be able to fall back into its old pattern. It's strongly encouraged to keep up the pace and work through the debris until it's gone. After 7 days, your skin will look renewed, fresh, clean and bright." – Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education

How long does skin purging last? It depends on the person, but the effects can last up to two months. Repeat the Kerafole Purge every other month to keep your skin looking its best, all year long.

If you want an extra boost to the Kerafole Purge to help clear up your skin's impurities, breakouts and congestion, try pairing it with the proper daily routine for acneic skin, along with the skin clearing benzoyl peroxide in Breakout Control to treat and prevent blemishes.

Note: Don't start a skin purge after a professional peel treatment, or other forms of strong exfoliation. Wait at least 48 hours after a chemical peel to begin the Kerafole Purge to avoidover exfoliated skin.



Kerafole's skin purging ingredients

The reason the Kerafole Purge is so effective is its skin purging ingredients:

Algae and kelp: Kerafole uses two types of algae called "brown" algae. These hardy sea plants thrive in the colder, clear waters of the upper oceans and are prized around the world for their natural water, mineral and antioxidant content. They detoxify, purify, replenish minerals to the skin and stimulate microcirculation to push out impurities buried within your skin's tissues.

Citric and malic acids: These plant-derived gentle exfoliating AHA acids increase cell turnover to remove dead and dulling skin cells, unclog follicles reducing congestion and breakouts. They help reveal fresh, new cells to provide a smoother skin texture.

skin purge

Ginkgo biloba:  This plant stimulates microcirculation and naturally contains flavonoids, which are a group of metabolites thought to provide health benefits through cell signaling pathways and antioxidant effects (1).

Tea tree oil, chamomile extract, orange peel oil, and clove: These purifying and comforting natural ingredients help round out the skin purging lineup.


If you have any questions about Kerafole or how to do a skin purge, sign up for our email newsletter here or comment below!


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