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How to make skin glow: What you need to know


How to make skin glow: What you need to know

No one wants skin that appears dull and drab. While there are many factors that cause your skin to look lackluster, there are easy steps you can take to get a bright complexion, and more luminous skin that glows. Read on to learn how to make skin glow.

Why you have dull skin (and how to make skin glow)    

There are many factors that cause skin to take on a dull appearance, including:

1) Skin toxicity: In today's world, we are constantly bombarded with factors that cause skin toxicity. Pollution, stress, and poor nutrition are some of the top causes of skin toxicity. If you don't protect your skin from these factors or detoxify your skin regularly, you leave your skin vulnerable to a slew of different skin concerns from dull skin to clogged pores and more.

  • The solution: To detoxify the skin you need to avoid or lessen triggers mentioned above and use detoxifying products, like Advanced VitaMineral C Complex and Kerafole. Professional detoxifying facials repair damage as well, so find a Bioelements spa near you. To learn more about skin detoxification, click here.

2) Lifestyle habits: A huge component of healthy skin that glows is your lifestyle. Poor skin care habits, smoking, lack of physical exercise, poor diet, and lack of sleep all contribute to an unhealthy body, which includes your skin. Lack of sleep is arguably the biggest factor, with 30% of adults getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night when the recommended amount is 7-8 hours.*

  • The solution: To make skin glow, get more sleep, avoid the sun, drink more water, and eat a diet high in vegetables and fruits.

3) Hyperpigmentation:Up to 90% of women note some degree of hyperpigmentation throughout pregnancy and many experience it after. ** Overall discoloration and dark pigmented spots contribute to an uneven and lackluster appearance. Hyperpigmentation can be triggered by UV exposure, hormonal imbalances and injury to the skin (acne, inflammation, etc).

4) UV damage:Not protecting your skin against the sun's harmful rays is one of the worst skin sins. Surprisingly, the most amount of sun damage people accumulate is through every day activities (such as driving your car). It doesn't do your skin any favors and you put yourself at risk for serious health concerns, like skin cancer, every time you skip your SPF.

  • The solution: Regardless of your skin concerns, you need to protect your skin against the sun.  Always use a broad spectrum sunscreen, no matter what season it is or what your plans are for the day.

5) Buildup of dead skin cells:As we age, our ability to shed dead skin cells decreases, which leads to dull, dry and flaky skin.

  • The solution: To get rid of dead skin cells you need to exfoliate. When you exfoliate, you are giving your skin a full workout, which is vital to attain a glowing complexion. Any type of exfoliation will minimize congestion in pores and remove dead skin cells, which cause the skin to look flat and dull. To physically slough away stubborn dead and dulling cells, use Pumice Peel. To chemically exfoliate, opt for Quick Refiner. Chemical exfoliation repels apart the intercellular lipids which stimulates skin's self healing and self regenerating processes. Kerafole also chemically exfoliates along with detoxifying to reveal radiant skin. To read more about the difference between physical and chemical exfoliation, click here.

6) Dehydration:When skin is dehydrated, it's lacking much needed water, which can lead to premature age lines, thin texture and poor color. All skin types can become dehydrated – even oily skin.

  • The solution: Drink plenty of water each day, but don't forget that your skin is your body's largest organ, and tends to be dehydrated even when you consume enough water. Moisturizing topically is essential for smooth, glowing skin. Use the correct moisturizer for your skin type, and get an extra boost of glow from Oxygenation. Oxygenation will revitalize sluggish, sleepy skin and reveal new radiance.


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**Muallem MM, Rubeiz NG (2006) Physiological and biological skin changes in pregnancy


2 Responses

Teresa Stenzel
Teresa Stenzel

Hi Jessica, These products may be used together. In fact, combining products with vitamin C (such as our Plump Start and Advanced VitaMineral C Complex with LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Spot Corrector and LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener on the same face morning and/or night are a great idea because of the naturally brightening and strengthening effects of vitamin C. If by Calming Serum you mean Stress Solution, I’d want to know more about why you are using this product and the Calmitude Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. Oxygenation is one of my favorite products- stabilized hydrogen peroxide in this formula is one of the most naturally antiseptic and skin-strengthening ingredients you can apply to the skin. If you’d like more personal help, just email me at Teresa@bioelements.com and we can chat.

Jessica Rappaport
Jessica Rappaport

Should Vitamin C Complex and Lightplex Megawatt be used together, or just one or the other. I have many acne scars that are red and because I’m over 50 they aren’t healing well. Not sure which one to use. Currently using calming serum, Calmitude lotion & Oxygenation routine.

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