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Skin Care Remedies For When You're Sick

Skin Care Remedies For When You're Sick

This post is brought to you by our Esthetics Experts Panel, composed of skin care professionals, educators + authorities with decades of experience in the industry.

Nothing freaks your skin out quite like getting sick. Whether it’s a cold or a full-on flu, falling ill any time of the year can wreak havoc on your skin - and for good reason.

“When people are ill, they tend to rely on over the counter meds to help get them through the day and night,” shares Teresa Stenzel, licensed esthetician and member of our Esthetics Experts Panel. “Repeated use of antihistimines, cough medicines, analgesics and nasal sprays can exacerbate dry and dehydrated skin issues.” This is why your skin might sting even when your normal, everyday products are applied.

It might seem like your skin will never feel comfortable again, but we’re tackling most common skin issues, how to treat them and the “emergency skin care products” to have on hand for instant relief. Read on for your guide on how to approach skin care when sick.

target raw redness

A red nose is always a dead giveaway when you’re suffering from a cold or flu. Redness is a given when your wellness has been compromised, as it’s a sign of inflammation within the body.Look for products with active yet gentle ingredients created for sensitized skin to assist with the appearance of redness. This whipped moisturizer helps restore the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier while calming red, reactive skin as you slowly recover in your health.

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relieve tightness

The general sense of tightness and discomfort in your skin comes from the fact that the skin can become dehydrated during illness. An oil-based cleanser will help alleviate that sensation and contribute to a more comfortable-feeling complexion. This cleanser contains restorative plant + oils to help strengthen your skin barrier while giving your skin the nourishment it desperately needs.

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refresh dry skin

Any time your skin comes into contact with water, your skin’s natural pH balance gets thrown off, which can cause additional dryness to your already depleted state. Saturate your skin with a soothing toner after cleaning to ensure proper balance - and any time your skin feels like it needs a refresher. For the deepest moisture possible, you should apply a moisturizer to your face before your toner dries!

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soothe sensitive eyes

Watery, red and uncomfortable eyes easily become one of the most frustrating parts of being sick, whether you’re trying to keep them open or closed. This lightweight aloe eye creme works to shield against irritants and target inflammation as it de-puffs and soothes.

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maintain moisture

If your skin is desperate for even more relief, a moisture-binding serum is the key. This formula dramatically increases hydration with hyaluronic acid while improving skin's softness and smoothness.

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speed up recovery

Getting impatient? This emollient serum seriously soothes skin and comes highly recommended, as “it helps keep redness at a distance, protect skin and hold moisture in so the skin can continue to heal,” shares Barbara Arnoux, licensed esthetician and Bioelements educator.

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heal cracked lips

You may be able to get away with not taking care of your lips in the warmer months, but the dry air and blistering cold rob your lips of its natural moisture - and even more so when you’re sick! This two-in-one face and lip masks full restores dry, cracked lips like nothing else!

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target dullness

The skin is less vibrant when you’re sick because the body is dehydrated. In addition to drinking plenty of water, it’s important to add an extra step to your usual skin care routine to tackle dullness. This rich facial mask instantly illuminates and moisturizes skin to provide a youthful radiance, whether you leave it on for only 10 minutes or leave a thin layer of it on overnight!

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