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The Skin Care Mail Bag: Acne, Sensitive Skin and Face Primers


The Skin Care Mail Bag: Acne, Sensitive Skin and Face Primers

Let's open up the skin care mail bag and take a look at the excellent questions our team of skin care professionals receive from the SkinReading blog, our Bioelements Facebook and Twitter pages, and from skin care professionals across the country! In this edition, we're talking about acne, sensitive skin and the best face primers. You've got questions… we've got answers:

Q: Can I use Bioelements Oxygenation if I have acne?

A: Yes. Oxygenation is a secret weapon for anyone (especially adults) that have acne! The hydrogen peroxide in this formula works to kill the p.acnes bacteria that leads to blemishes. It will also brighten and smooth the skin, without feeling greasy. Just layer on top of our spot treatment Breakout Control – it can be used morning and night.

Q: My skin is ultra sensitive and very dry. What should I use?

A: A Sensitive Skin Moisturizer is specifically designed to soothe and calm your sensitive skin. You can give it an extra boost of hydration with skin serums like Moisture x10 or Stress Solution. Moisture x10 is formulated with hyaluronic acid, which binds 1000x its weight in water to your skin; Stress Solution will prevent moisture loss – it also provides extra soothing for sensitive skin.

Q: Does Bioelements have a face primer?

A: Bioelements has a couple of skin serums that work as ideal primers, including Recovery Serum – a ceramide and lipid blend that gives makeup longer wear and a smooth finish, and Stress Solution – which soothes skin with a sleek formula so makeup glides on.

Do you have questions about your skin? Let us know in the comments!

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Barbara Salomone
Barbara Salomone

Both benzoyl peroxide and glycolic are great in helping to maintain oily, occasionally acneic skin, but yes, the flip side can be excessive dryness, so balance is key. We normally recommend Moisture x 10 for skin that is classified Dry – Combination, however you may want to try upgrading your moisture step to Lutein Indoor Protective Day Creme – a potent antioxidant protector or Absolute Moisture . Used conservatively, both will help satisfy dryness via moisture binding humectants and very lightweight, skin similar oils. For your eye cream, try Calmitude Delicate Skin Eye Gel, a great lightweight option for day or night that features 2 peptides, hyaluronic acid and is suitable for application all around the eye area.


i have oily (acne prone) skin and use some products like bpo and glycolic acid which dry out my skin thus producing some more oil. i started using beyond hydration and so far i like it, but i was also interested in the moisture x 10, but do not want to break out. would this also help to rehydrate my skin without any breakouts? i am also looking for a good eye cream/gel to help with fine lines and wrinkles. i am looking for something that will not cause milia. thanks for your time :)

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