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Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid: How to Get Rid of Adult Acne

Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid: How to Get Rid of Adult Acne

How to stop breakouts starts with knowing what skin care ingredients to avoid. The best products for adult acne, or acne at any age, will be over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. If you aren't sure if a product is OTC, check the label. If it's an OTC acne product it will have a Drug Facts box. Read the ingredients carefully before using any skin care product, especially if it's OTC.

Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

When looking for skin care ingredients to avoid, you should pay close attention to the ingredients list on the label. Many skin care products claim to treat and prevent acne, but often sneak in artificial dyes, like red, blue or yellow, which only irritate the skin and lead to further breakouts. The other most important acne ingredients to avoid are any fragrances or perfumes. Scan the ingredients label closely to make sure your skin care doesn't include any other harsh irritants, like parabens, DEA, or phthalates. Follow these same rules even when looking for non-OTC skin care and cosmetic ingredients to avoid.

Ingredients to Look for In Acne Products

Now that we've covered which ingredients to avoid, we need to address which ingredients you should be looking for to treat and prevent acne.

  • Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzoyl Peroxide is an active OTC ingredient that works wonders when used as a spot treatment, which is why it's included in Breakout Control.
  • Salicylic acid: Salicylic acid is also an ingredient to look for in acne products. Salicylic acid removes acne-causing surface bacteria without stripping the skin. In fact, it is hydrating and healing.
  • Sulfur: Sulfur is a fantastic ingredient for adult acne treatments. Sulfur penetrates pores to remove excess oil and reduce acne pimples at any age.

If you have any further comments or concerns about what skin care ingredients to avoid and which to look for, simply comment below!

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