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Are you a skin care “Directions Rebel”?

Are you a skin care “Directions Rebel”?

Here's a scenario: You buy a new exfoliating face mask skin care product. The directions say you should leave it on your skin for 10 minutes, then remove it. But after 10 minutes go by, you feel you should leave it on longer – you don't feel any "stinging" sensation, and you know that exfoliation is good for your skin, so why not? Therefore you decide to leave it on for another 10 minutes.

Here's another scenario: You buy a new skin care product and don't read the directions at all. You just open the package, and apply the product, thinking it's probably just like any other one you've used in the past.

Are you guilty of either of the above scenarios? Then we'd call you a Directions Rebel.

The Danger of Skin Care Direction Rebellion

Skin care products – especially those with potent, active ingredients found in exfoliators, sunscreens and anti-aging formulas – have specific directions that should be followed to the letter. For example, the alpha hydroxyl acid in our Bioelements Quick Refiner exfoliator can increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun – so the directions state you should follow with an application of sunscreen.

You only get one face – and when you use high-powered products incorrectly, you risk causing damage – in the form of irritation, sunburns, or hyperpigmentation. So follow directions – they're the only way to get the younger-looking skin your want safely, for years to come.

Leave the High-Powered Formulations To The Pros

If you want to experiment with more advanced, more potent ingredients, visit a Bioelements skin care professional. She can Custom Blend your facial and take home products with highly concentrated Custom Blend Additives. A few drops of these unique formulas can transform your treatments – zeroing in on what your skin needs – whether it's help with redness, enlarged pores, lines, breakouts – or a combination of an almost endless array of skin care concerns. 

Have you ever been guilty of being a Directions Rebel with high-powered ingredients, and saw your skin suffer as a result? Tell us about it in the comments.

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