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The Best Skin Care Advice of All Time

The Best Skin Care Advice of All Time

When it comes to skin care advice, the internet is full of false information. If you don't believe us, just read these terrible skin care headlines. We've heard a great deal of bad skin care advice from "you only need SPF in the summer" to "you don't need to wash your face" and everything in between. To combat the misguided advice out there, we consulted a panel of Bioelements estheticians and skin care experts. Read on to learn their best skin care advice and healthy skin tips.


"Never, EVER pick at your skin. Why? Because picking (or popping) a breakout that, if untouched, would normally last just a week will now leave a scar that lasts for months or even years. Picking forces the bacteria back down into your skin, and the pressure from popping a pimple can rupture the follicular wall, which spreads that bacteria and causes even more breakouts as a result. Keep your hands off and leave extractions to the professionals." – Teresa Stenzel


 "If your skin feels tight after you cleanse, you're using a cleanser that's wrong for your skin type. If your skin stings or burns after exfoliating, you're using the wrong exfoliator, or you're scrubbing too hard. Even if you're following all the rules, you still need to listen to your skin. If a product or technique isn't working for you, your skin will tell you! Pay attention and adjust products when necessary." Dawn Gantt


"One of the best healthy skin tips I give to my clients is to use sunscreen year round. This simple tip can solve and prevent so many different skin concerns. A high quality broad spectrum sunscreen, likeSPF 50 FaceScreen, provides both protection and hydration." – Barbara Arnoux


"One of my favorite skin care tips is to remind clients to always use toner. It's so important to rebalance and replenish your skin while allowing your moisturizer to be absorbed more effectively. Personally, my favorite toner isEqualizer!"Jarrod Alexander Goad


"When you exfoliate, don't use strong pressure – treat the skin like you would treat a baby's skin to avoid injury. Use gentle strokes when you cleanse, exfoliate, massage, or apply products. Let the products do the work for you."- Teresa Stenzel


 "If you're worried about fine lines and wrinkles, but have absolutely no time to mask, then I love to recommend a leave on anti-aging serum, like Bioelements newPlump Start. This plumping antioxidant concentrate hydrates and visibly improves wrinkles." – Barbara Arnoux


"If you want good skin you need to exercise it just like you exercise your body. Capillaries and blood vessels are like muscles. To give your skin a workout,cleanse and then massage yourtoner in the morning and night, andexfoliate 1-3 times per week to vasodilate your blood vessels. Use calming and nourishing products to constrict them. The expansion and constriction of the vessels will reduce signs of aging, like poor circulation and persistent redness, and lead to healthy skin." – Teresa Stenzel


"See an esthetician! Licensed estheticians are trained to not only give you result-driven treatments, but they will share with you the knowledge you need to achieve great skin. Find aBioelements spa near you and get your skin into shape."Jarrod Alexander Goad


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