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Expert Estheticians: Interview with Rita Holland

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Next in ourExpert Estheticians series, we sat down with a licensed estheticianand skin care expert, Rita Holland of Marguerite's Skin Care & Makeup,to answer some of the top skin questions. Holland is based in Bloomingdale, Illinois and is an official Bioelements Ambassador. She is a part of the large web of skin care experts that help Bioelements provide you with world class education. Read our interview with Rita Holland below!

What inspired you to become an esthetician?

Honestly, looking back on it, I think I always knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry. My great grandmother and aunt were both in the industry so maybe it ran in my blood! There was always something natural for me to take care of other people and find ways to make them feel good about themselves. Science has also always been interesting to me, plus I definitely need a creative outlet. So, esthetics just seemed to make the most sense and appealed to me the most. I love the fact that our industry can really provide an avenue for people to find some peace, relaxation and route for finding their inner beauty.

Can you tell us a little about your career path in the esthetics industry?

I completed esthetics school in my 30s and as soon as I graduated I wasted no time getting my license and getting to work. I took a job in a salon and worked as an esthetician there for 7 years. I enjoyed being in a salon. I met a lot of great people and gained some wonderful clients. As an esthetician in a salon I did facials, waxing, makeup and spray tanning. I spared no expense on my education, took tons of continuing education classes and soaked everything up like a sponge. As grateful as I was for the experience I had there and the people I met, I knew I wanted to do more with my esthetics career.

About 3 years ago, I made a decision to branch out on my own and rent a suite. While there have been some ups and downs to being on my own, it really has been the greatest decision I have made. I am still surrounded by a network of wonderful beauty professionals but I have so much more discretion in how I handle my clients and provide my services.

Throughout my 10 year career, I have always worked with Bioelements. When I was in the salon, we maintained partnership status and I knew when I began renting a suite that would be an important goal for me to meet. Bioelements has done so much for me as an esthetician. The support system I have with this company is like no other. Not to mention the fabulous results I am able to achieve for my clients.

I still do makeup applications, waxing, and spray tanning services in my suite, but I love that I can really center those services around skin care. Because it all starts there, right? If the skin is in good shape everything else falls in line. I also love that I can explore all the new treatments and products that Bioelements has to offer. My clients are always excited to see what I will learn next.

What's your "stranded on a desert island" Bioelements skin care pick (besides SPF) – and why?

EEK!!! I only get one? It would have to be the Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum. It does everything – hydrates, exfoliates, brightens, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, provides a dose of antioxidants. I mean if you were truly stranded with only one item, you could get by with just Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum for quite a while.

What's the most common skin care mistake clients make?

I think the most common mistake I see clients making is not following a cohesive system. People tend to get drawn in by big promises and flashy packaging. They use every "miracle cream" that they can find when it isn't really backed by science. It's hard to tell the difference, which is why it's crucial for clients to find a skin care expert they can trust to help them navigate.

Don't even get me started with makeup too. All the primers and layers of goop that you can start caking on your skin – it's just too much! Stick with a good cleanser, toner, moisturizer and broad spectrum sunscreen. Maybe heighten the results with an eye cream, weekly mask, serum or exfoliator….but slow down and really research each product. More doesn't always equal better.

Clients should also try to use products from the same skin care company as they are designed to work together, especially when it comes to active ingredients.

What's your favorite Bioelements treatment – and why?

Right now my favorite treatment is the Collagen Rehab and Radiance Rescue facials. I feel like clients see immediate results from these facials with just one treatment. They leave less lined, more hydrated, and glowing. Plus, the results last a really long time. The Youth Renewal massage is also super beneficial and relaxing. Clients are literally falling asleep every time.

These treatments have been great for wedding season where brides need an instant tune up. They've also been great for summer when I tend to put stronger treatments like peels on the back burner because a lot of my clients are outdoors and extremely active. It gives them great anti-aging results without putting them at risk for sun damage from deeper exfoliation.

What's your favorite skin care ingredient – and why?

Hands down, my favorite skin care ingredient is the encapsulated retinol Bioelements uses in their products. This microencapsulated technology that is present in both the Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum and Sleepwear allows the retinol to work slowly over time.

It makes it so much less irritating, yet still extremely effective. Retinol and retin A products are extremely effective anti-aging tools, but they can cause peeling redness and sensitivity – not necessarily the look one is going for. Sleepwear and Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum can be used long term, delivering amazing results without down time. They don't assault the skin – they actually improve it!

What's the one piece of advice you wish every client followed?

Oh my goodness! Wear your Sunscreen. Every single day. Even if you are outside for just a few minutes – the sun ages you, quickly and at an early age. Plus, the risk of skin cancer is rising at alarming rates. Wear it. Your future self will thank me. I promise!

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Teresa Stenzel
Teresa Stenzel

LOVE Rita! She is an amazing esthetician and an even more amazing human being!

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