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Redhead Skin Care: Sensitive Skin Products

Redhead Skin Care: Sensitive Skin Products

True sensitive skin is like eye color – you're born with it. Sensitive skin usually affects those with fair complexions (like redheads), so skin flushes easily, and can get blotchy, itchy, or feel stinging. Red is a gorgeous hair color, but redness on the skin, along with the other issues, are common problems that most of us don't want. These symptoms can intensify with age, stress, environment or hormonal changes or poor product choices. That's why it's crucial to find the best products for sensitive skin. Here's your ultimate sensitive skin care list:


CLEANSE:Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Bioelements Sensitive Skin Cleanser is the best cleanser for sensitive skin. It's a complexion-calming olive, jojoba, hazelnut and kissi seed oil formula that floats over skin and dislodges impurities. You can use it morning and night.

Tip: Apply cleanser with your fingertips, and use gentle circular massaging strokes. Rinse with warm (never hot!) water, and gently blot dry.


TONE:Calmitude® Sensitive Skin Solution

Calmitude® Sensitive Skin Solution is a sensitive skin facial mist that reduces skin redness and safeguards against moisture loss. It's basically like a daily drink for delicate complexions. Like the sensitive skin cleanser, you can use this once in the morning and once at night.


HYDRATE:Calmitude® Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

The correct moisturizer for sensitive skin is a must-have in your sensitive skin care routine. Calmitude® Sensitive Skin Moisturizer is an ultra-gentle moisturizer that hydrates and safeguards against skin redness and visible irritation. This will help your skin feel the way it should and allow you to be comfortable.


PROTECT:RayDefense® SPF 30

The sun can be highly damaging and irritating, which is one of the many reasons you need to pick only the best sunscreen for sensitive skin. RayDefense is a perfect sunscreen for sensitive skin because it's a hydrating broad spectrum SPF 30 moisturizer that protects the skin against the UVA and UVB rays. It's the best sunscreen for sensitive skin because it's gentle, but also blocks out the harmful rays that can cause early skin aging and irritation.


SOOTHE:Stress Solution

This quick fix serum soothes and protects skin against irritation caused by over-exfoliation, environmental irritants and chronic sensitivity. This is great to add to your sensitive skin care routine if your skin sensitivity isn't soothed easily.


EXFOLIATE:Measured Micrograins +

Redheads and other people with sensitive skin often shy away from exfoliating, but when done correctly, exfoliating can actually help reduce skin issues. Measured Micrograins + can help you exfoliate without irritation. This multi-action scrub and mask is specifically designed for unpredictable, easily-sensitized skin. It has natural jojoba beads in a nutritive, toxin-removing clay-based creme. Add this to your sensitive skin care routine once or twice a week.


CONTROL:Oil Control Mattifier

Sometimes having oily skin can lead to having irritated skin. If you tend to have oily and sensitive skin, try our lightweight oil blotting creme to blot breakthrough oil and keep surface shine at bay. You can even apply right over makeup.


If you have any questions about redhead skin care or sensitive skin care, comment below!

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