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Is your skin stressed out? How to calm red, irritated skin

Is your skin stressed out? How to calm red, irritated skin

Do you have red, irritated skin? Stressed or sensitized skin can be caused by practically anything, but there are some common factors that may be to blame. Keep reading to learn why your skin is stressed and how to soothe skin irritation ASAP.


Why your skin is stressed and sensitized


There are so many different variables that can play into stressed, sensitized, and red, irritated skin, but here are some of the most common causes:

1) The environment

Whether you live in an extreme climate or in a city, the environment is one of the biggest causes of sensitivity. Changes in weather can cause skin to become dehydrated and sensitive, the sun's UV rays can irritate the skin temporarily and lead to lasting damage, and pollution can harm your skin in a big way.

Pollution, like exhaust fumes, smog, free radicals and more, leave your skin sensitized by constantly bombarding skin and weakening the skin's natural barrier. Always protect your skin from the elements by staying properly moisturized, always wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen, and wearing anti-pollution skin care, like Remineralist Daily Moisture.

2) Harsh ingredients

Many brands market their products to sensitive skin despite the fact that they contain harsh ingredients that can further aggravate and even cause sensitivity. Always read the ingredient labels on your skin care and avoid artificial dyes, fragrances or perfumes, parabens, DEA and phthalates or other harsh irritants.

3) Picking at your skin

When you pick at your skin for any reason, you make the problem worse. Whether it's acne, flaky skin, or irritation do NOT touch it. When you pick at your skin you introduce bacteria that can lead to a massive breakout or some seriously annoying irritation. Not only that, but picking at your skin can cause permanent scars and other lasting damage without fixing the temporary skin concern.

Even if you don't pick at your skin, you could still be accidentally injuring it by exfoliating too hard, or even waxing your eyebrows!

4) Genetics

Do you have chronically red, irritated skin? Unfortunately genetics determine whether you have sensitive skin or not and those with sensitive skin experience irritation often. People with a truly sensitive skin type should use daily products designed for sensitivity every single day. Learn more about the difference between sensitive and sensitized skin.


How to soothe skin irritation


1) Avoid triggers if possible

Don't pick at your skin, avoid harsh ingredients, and keep your time in the sun minimal to help soothe skin irritation. This step is pretty self-explanatory, but we understand that you can't always avoid factors that cause sensitivity.

For factors that can't be avoided, protect your skin as much as possible by using the right daily products for sensitive and sensitized skin.

2) Use the rightdaily products

There are many myths about sensitive skin care, like the myth that you should only wash your face once a day or only use DIY skin care. The truth is that you should cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day no matter what your skin type is. The important part is to find products designed for your skin type and concerns. Bioelements sensitive skin care line is perfect to use either daily or when sensitivities flare up. Learn more about each product.

3) Book a calming facial

Anyone with sensitive, sensitized or just plain irritated skin should see a local esthetician for a series of facials that will soothe skin irritation immediately. The Bioelements Calming Facial will work wonders on an irritated, inflamed complexion. Find a Bioelements spa near you.


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