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Oxygen Treatment for Skin: How to "push" in your skin care

Oxygen Treatment for Skin: How to

An oxygen treatment for skin is precisely what you need if your complexion is frequently dull, sluggish, or sleepy.  Oxygen infused, or oxygenated, skin care is making headlines – and for good reason! Providing the skin with enough oxygen revitalizes, hydrates, and leaves skin with a clean, fresh feeling with refined radiance.



The skin is a live organ- it needs to "breathe" and take in oxygen and nutrients to be healthy. Skin that suffers from a lack of oxygen is dull, wrinkled, and has a buildup of metabolic waste and toxins. As we age, there is a decrease in the number of capillaries and therefore less oxygen reaches the skin. Age, environmental factors, cigarette smoke, and stress all contribute to declining oxygen levels in the skin.

When the skin is properly oxygenated it becomes vibrant and retains a youthful glow, which is why it's crucial to avoid deoxygenating factors when you can and to use oxygen skin care products and oxygen therapy for skin rejuvenation.


Bioelements Oxygenation is the ideal oxygen treatment for skin, regardless of skin type. Oxygenation is a revitalizing facial treatment creme with stabilized hydrogen peroxide creme derived from atmospheric oxygen.



Bioelements Oxygenation revitalizes dull, sluggish, sleepy skin with stabilized hydrogen peroxide and pure lavender oil. Together, they give skin exhausted by age, stress, or smoke a clean, fresh feeling with refined radiance. Consider it a breath of fresh air for sapped skin. Products that contain stable forms of oxygen force the oxygen you need into the skin via the stratum corneum.



Oxygenation is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade hydrogen peroxide that expands the creme to 22x its volume and creates pressure. This pressure "pushes" oxygen gas into the skin, and diffuses it directly into skin's cellular layers. As the molecules "push" their way down, they transport active ingredients into the skin.

When applied Oxygenation last, after all your other skin care products, Oxygenation will "push" their active ingredients even further into the skin for maximum results.




Oxygenation can be used at home several different ways at home. It can be used alone as a moisturizer because it renews, refines, and hydrates sleepy skin. For those who struggle with acne, Oxygenation works wonders when applied over acne treatments. As it releases and diffuses oxygen into the surface layers or the skin, problem pores and congestion receive much needed purification. Plus, this creme helps push the active ingredients in the acne treatment deeper into the skin.

Our stabilized hydrogen peroxide formula can also be applied after at-home exfoliation or after using at-home facial masks. Oxygenation infuses tired, aging skin with oxygen which allows you to get the maximum benefits of your exfoliators and treatment masks.



For flawless skin, it is essential to infuse your skin with much needed oxygen both at home and at the spa. During a Bioelements custom blend facial, Oxygenation can be used for all skin types during the Power Treatment step for some oxygen therapy.

When used in professional facials, oxygen skin care products like Oxygenation targets dull, aging, or smoker's skin. Due to the natural antiseptic ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, using Oxygenation in the treatment room is also effective against acne.


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