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Over exfoliated skin: Are you guilty of this mistake?

Over exfoliated skin: Are you guilty of this mistake?

You must exfoliate to achieve great skin no matter what your skin type is, but did you know there's a right way and a wrong way to exfoliate? Many people take this skin care necessity too far and end up with over exfoliated skin that is irritated and uncomfortable. Read on to learn how to prevent this skin care mistake.


Why you need to exfoliate

Every skin type from sensitive to oily needs to exfoliate; it's a key component of any good skin care routine. Regular exfoliation has anti-aging benefits and can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can even prevent them from worsening.

Proper exfoliation can also minimize the appearance of dark under eye circles and crows feet, lessen excess oil production, unclog pores, reduce hyperpigmentation, and make it easier for your skin to absorb the active ingredients in your skin care.


Do you have over exfoliated skin?

If you exfoliate more than once a day or scrub more than three times per week, you may suffer from over exfoliated skin.

When you exfoliate, you remove dead surface skin cells via rubbing, abrasion, or chemical ingredients. This triggers the skin's self-reparative ability by disrupting the skin's barrier (causing minor injury that then heals stronger). It also stimulates nerve response, increases the rate of cell turnover, and increases lymph flow.

When done correctly, these factors minimize comedones and congestion, strengthen nerve function, improve circulatory system and lymphatic system function, increase product absorption, and even out your skin tone.

However, when you exfoliate too much, your skin does not get the chance to recover and renew, which leads to injured skin. Less is more when it comes to exfoliation.

Even if you don't exfoliate too often, you can still be at risk for injury if you use too much pressure while you exfoliate. Scrubbing too hard can cause breakouts, hyperpigmentation, excess oil production, and more.

Is your skin more red than usual, or more inflamed, sensitive, broken out, or oily? Cut back on how often you exfoliate and/or how hard you scrub.


How to exfoliate properly

Most physical exfoliators should be used 1-3 times per week. Apply an amount the size of a pea to moist skin and gently massage using circular motions. Pay attention to your pressure while you massage and be sure to not press too hard into the skin. Rinse off with water.

For chemical exfoliators, apply a thin layer to the face or under eye area, depending on which exfoliator you use. Do not apply a thick layer, not only do you risk injury to the skin, but it's a waste of product. A chemical exfoliator like Quick Refiner can be used more frequently – up to once a day if skin can tolerate it.

Learn the difference between physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation here.

Aside from using the right amount of product and pressure, the best way to exfoliate is to choose the formula best suited for you.

If you have sensitive skin opt for a gentle exfoliator that includes skin soothing and strengthening ingredients, like Measured Micrograins +. This is the ideal exfoliator for sensitive skin and can even be used as a mask for those who can't tolerate physical scrubs.

If you want to tackle dullness, fine lines, and problem pores and don't have sensitive skin, use Pumice Peel to provide a manual microdermabrasion.

For those who want deep exfoliation, Quick Refiner visibly smoothes skin with powerful alpha hydroxy acids.

To target under your eyes, use Quick Refiner for Eyes because it's specifically designed for the fragile skin there.

Use the deep purging facial mask Kerafole to exfoliate and reveal radiant skin. You can use this mask for 7 consecutive days for an intensive pore purging treatment.

Learn how to use this fan-favorite product at home:




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