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My Pores Are Huge

My Pores Are Huge

Dealing with large pores is one of the age-old complaints women and men have about their skin. We can answer the question 'how to close your pores' very easily: you can't. Contrary to popular belief, your pores do not open and close. What they actually do is stretch. Can you shrink pores? No, but the good news is that you can minimize the appearance of pores, even when they're stretched.

Why Are My Pores So Visible?

Unfortunately, there's no muscle contraction that shrinks or opens your pores. The size of your pores depends mostly on genetics and how you care for your skin. People with a higher tendency towards oily skin are much more likely to have larger pores.  This is because the pores on your face stretch to accommodate the secretion of the oil onto the skin's surface. It's like filling a balloon with water. As the balloon becomes full, it stretches. That's exactly what happens to the hair follicle and follicular opening, leading to stretched out pores.

If you don't keep your skin clean, your pores fill up with debris, like dead skin cells, oil, dirt, dust, makeup and more. That can lead to very clogged pores, congestion and breakouts!

Another factor that can dilate the pores is dehydration and inflammation. If the skin is dehydrated and dry, your oil production increases and the pores become dilated. When the skin is too dry it becomes irritated as well, which can cause the pores to "puff up" in appearance. When they're inflamed on a cellular level, they appear larger.

How to Make Pores Look Smaller

To reduce the appearance of pores and prevent them from stretching further, make sure you're using the right skin care products. Here's how:

CLEANSE: The best way to decrease the appearance of pore size is to keep the pores as clean as possible with the right cleanser for your skin type. If they're not filled with cellular debris and oil they will lay flatter, therefore looking smaller.

CONTROL OIL: Reduce oil production by using products designed to normalize excess oil, like Oil Control Mattifier, Oil Control Sleepwear, and everyday products specifically designed for oily skin. Make sure to moisturize and keep the skin as hydrated as possible. This will help keep your pores and skin calm while reducing inflammation and helping pores retain their normal size.

EXFOLIATE: In addition to using the correct products, make sure to step up the exfoliation! Increasing exfoliation helps to speed up cell turnover, soften the skin and eliminate dead skin build up that causes pores to dilate, stretch and look larger. Exfoliating also helps to reduce congestion that can lead to breakouts. Just make sure to read your skin care labels and talk to your esthetician to make sure you aren't over-exfoliating.

TREAT: A clay-based facial mask will help vacuum out pore-stretching debris as it hydrates skin. Try our Kerafolepurging mask or Restorative Clay.

If you have any more questions about what causes enlarged pores and how to minimize their appearance, comment below!


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