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My acne is getting worse! What can I do?

My acne is getting worse! What can I do?

"My acne is getting worse," is a phrase estheticians and skin care professionals hear too often. Adult acne can get worse at any time and for a variety of reasons from hormones to weather changes. Keep reading if you struggle with acne that seems to only get worse.


Why your acne is getting worse:


1) You make one of these acne mistakes

There are many little mistakes that can make your acne worse, like using dirty makeup brushes, touching your face too often, and even using the wrong hairspray. See the 7 most common mistakes that cause acne and make existing acne worse.


2) You don't use the best acne products

Many drug store acne products actually contain skin care ingredients that make acne worse. A staggering number of brands load their acne products with artificial fragrances and dyes, which are known irritants. When purchasing skin care designed for acne, always double check the ingredients list and make sure the product does not include any harsh irritants like parabens, DEA, phthalates, or artificial fragrances and dyes.

Instead, look for ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulfur in your skin care to sooth your acne instead of irritate it further. If you suffer with acne that won't get better, follow the acne routine below:

CLEANSE: Spotless Cleanser uses maximum strength 2% salicylic acid to remove surface bacteria without over-drying or stripping skin. Cleanse twice a day to rid the skin of acne causing bacteria and debris without over drying the skin.

TONE: After cleansing, apply Acne Toner to absorb excess oil, hydrate, and keep skin clear of new acne.

SPOT TREAT: To tackle particularly stubborn pimples, apply Breakout Control to spot treat blemishes.

MASK: 1-3 times per week, apply sulfur-base Amino Mask. This 15-minute mask penetrates pores, removes excess oils and reduces acne pimples, while exfoliating lactic acid removes dulling dead cells to keep skin smooth and clear.


3) You don't pay attention to the weather

This is perhaps the most surprising cause of worsening acne. Weather can have a direct impact on your skin – particularly when it comes to acne.

"Breakouts are more frequently seen in the summer because hot weather tends to make skin product excess oil- not to mention sweat. While sweat is detoxifying for the skin, if you don't cleanse immediately after sweating all of the bacteria will be reabsorbed back into your skin, causing new breakouts." –Carol Byrne, Bioelements educator

If your acne seems to get worse in the summer, chances are that excess oil and sweat are to blame. Follow these tips to reduce oily skin quickly and make sure to alter your skin care routine based on the weather to prevent summer acne.


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