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Why you need to stay consistent with skin care

Why you need to stay consistent with skin care

Do you love to try new skin care products? How often do you switch from one skin care brand to another? If you constantly ditch your daily skin care routine for every new product that comes out, you're actually doing your skin a disservice. Read on to learn why consistency is crucial for healthy skin.

Stop mixing skin care brands

It is extremely tempting to deviate from your normal skin care routine every time a new "miracle product" comes out. However, mixing skin care brands will hurt, not help your skin.

"When creating a skin care line, each formula is designed to work like a piece of a puzzle—each piece fitting perfectly with the other pieces to create a complete, effective agenda. In one brand, formulas have similar development properties, ingredient choices, and quality standards. 'Cherry picking' from one line to the next and mixing them all together can create a cocktail of trouble, due to different and possibly incompatible formulas being forced together. The end result: your skin can suffer, and you may even cause a negative response." – Teresa Stenzel, Bioelements Director of Education

A professional skin care line formulates its products to work well together to achieve the best results. When you mix and match products from multiple lines your run the risk of irritation, breakouts or dryness. Irritation is especially likely if you apply too many active ingredients to your skin, which is easy to do if you're mixing skin care brands. Even if irritation does not occur, when you use multiple brands, you see less effective results.

Skin care takes time

When you constantly jump from new product to new product, you never give a formula the chance to do what it's designed to do. Amazing visible results rarely happen overnight – they can take weeks to appear. That's because the average life cycle of a skin cell is about 28 days. You need to give your products a chance to do their job. In the end, the payoff is much better: younger-looking, brighter, clearer and healthy skin.

Stick to a daily routine

To receive the best results from your skin care, stick to a daily at-home agenda that consists of one brand, and be sure to use the correct products for your skin within that brand. When you use incorrect products, it can completely throw off your skin, so make sure to figure out your skin type and concerns before you choose your products.

Make changes – when needed

While you want to stick to a consistent daily routine, sometimes slight adjustments are necessary. For example, when the weather changes from hot to cold, you might need to switch to a more moisture-rich cleanser, like Moisture Positive Cleanser, and a heavier moisturizer to prevent dry skin. The opposite is true when the weather becomes warmer; you may need a stronger cleanser and a lighter moisturizer to combat excess oil production. If you have a predictable hormonal cycle, switching to acne products a few days before the predicted breakouts occur can help prevent them.

Need help to find the right daily routine for your skin? Have an esthetician perform a SkinReading on you at a local Bioelements spa. Your esthetician will be able to zero in on your specific concerns and show you which products will target them and deliver results.

If you have any questions about daily skin care routines or mixing skin care brands, sign up for our newsletter here or comment below!

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