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Minimalist skin care & more: Find your perfect routine

Minimalist skin care & more: Find your perfect routine

Are you a skin care enthusiast, or are you more interested in minimalist skin care? Whether you're always on the hunt for a new product or continually looking to streamline and downsize your daily routine, we've got a plan for you. Keep reading to see our quick tips on how to find your ideal daily skin care routine.

Skin care minimalist

Do like sticking to just the essentials, especially when it comes to skin care? You might be a skin care minimalist if you:

  • Rarely wash your face before bed
  • Can't be bothered with fancy skin cremes or complicated routines
  • Do not get professional facials
  • Don't care what the difference is between a serum and a facial mask

If skin care seems overcomplicated to you if or you are just looking for a low maintenance skin care routine, minimalist skin care might be perfect for you. Minimalist skin care can mean a few different things though. It can mean you like to keep a simple daily routine, you want your products to do more with less effort, or you want to do the absolute bare minimum.

Looking to do the bare minimum? The absolute 'musts' for your skin are to cleanse and tone twice daily, apply a broad spectrum SPF in the morning and a moisturizer in the evening, and you should try and target your #1 skin care concern. This is a must for healthy skin, no matter which way you cut it.

Your ideal minimalist skin care routine looks like this:

1) Cleanse

It is crucial to cleanse every morning and evening, but it is especially important to cleanse any makeup, oil and dirt off before bed. Whatever you do – do not use makeup wipes as your cleanser. Removing your makeup is crucial for healthy skin, but a makeup wipe doesn't remove all of the grime and it can even cause breakouts and wrinkles!

Instead of using a makeup wipe on your face, stick with a multi-purpose facial cleanser like Flash Foam Cleanser. This foaming cleanser for combination skin instantly dissolves dirt, dead cells and makeup while providing mild daily exfoliation.

2) Tone

While common misconceptions about toners lead many people to think they're better off without one, toner is actually a vital part of any good skin care routine. Do not skip it! The main purpose of toners is to rebalance the pH level of your skin. Even if you skip cleanser (which is a bad idea!) and just rinse your face with water, you still disrupt the natural pH balance. Use toner to bring the levels back to normal, so skin functions the way it should.

3)Moisturize/Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

If you take ANYTHING away from this list, it should be this: the single most important thing you must do for your skin is to use a broad spectrum sunscreen every single day. The sun is responsible for up to 90% of age signs, like wrinkles. Even more frightening is that, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, 1 out of every 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime.  Even if you aren't spending the day outside, the sun's rays can still harm your skin, so always apply a broad spectrum sunscreen in the morning.

4) Your biggest skin care concern

If you really can't stand a lengthy skin care routine, pick the skin concern that is the most important to you and tackle that. Do you get breakouts? Try adding Breakout Control to your routine. Dehydrated skin even when you moisture? Add a hydrating serum. Better yet, look for all-in-one products that can tackle multiple concerns, like Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum. This all-in-one serum can help everything from pores to wrinkles.


Skin care moderate

Ok, so maybe you're not a complete minimalist. You've tried a serum or two back in your day. You might be a skin care moderate if you:

  • Cleanse every morning and evening
  • Know the importance of a good night cream
  • Have received a professional facial in the past
  • Don't like an overly complicated routine, but are willing to put in some time for good skin

While some sources claim you need every product under the sun and others tell you to leave your skin alone (or even worse, to DIY everything), you don't have to fall to an extreme to have good skin. If you want healthy skin with relative ease, your perfect routine should look like this:

1) Cleanse

Facial cleansers are one of the most important tools in your skin care arsenal. They work to remove all traces of dirt, makeup and other impurities to leave your skin fresh, clean, and ready for targeted treatments. Removing your makeup is essential for clear, healthy skin.

The easiest way to remove all traces of your makeup without any harmful side effects is to use a formula designed to break down stubborn makeup, like Bioelements Makeup Dissolver Perfected and then follow it with your normal daily cleanser.

2) Tone

You absolutely need toner for your skin because any high quality toner will rebalance the pH levels of your skin. You skin's pH levels can become unbalance by practically anything – even just rinsing your face with tap water – so it's crucial to rebalance. In addition to rebalancing your pH levels, toners help replenish your skin's protective surface barrier, otherwise known as the Hydro Lipidic Barrier (HLB) which keeps your skin healthy.

3) Exfoliate

Skin exfoliation is a necessity for any skin type, even sensitive, if you want glowing, healthy skin. The benefits of exfoliating your skin are plentiful. Regularly exfoliating can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and even prevent them from worsening. It can also help unclog pores, reduce hyperpigmentation, minimize the appearance of dark under eye circles and crows feet, and lessen excess oil production.

Don't want to add this step to your routine? Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser, like Flash Foam Cleanser, to provide dual benefits while saving time.

4) Mask

Professional face masks come in many forms (clay, cream, etc) and can tackle skin concerns like large pores, excess oil, dryness, flakiness, congestion, rough texture, acne, dullness, sensitivities and more. Facial masks allow you to zero in on those individual concerns and give your skin a surge of concentrated ingredients for boosted benefits.

5) Moisturize/Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

We've said this before and we'll say it again: you need to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen every single morning. The majority of age signs, like wrinkles and sun spots, are caused by daily exposure to the sun's harmful rays. Even if you don't care about your skin's appearance (who doesn't, though?) wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen every day is a matter of safety. Skin cancer is now the most common cancer in the United States and is entirely preventable (1).

In addition to wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen during the day, most people should use a moisturizer at night (some serums and cremes can replace traditional moisturizers, depending on your skin) to keep skin supple and functioning correctly.

6) Anti-aging

When fine lines begin to appear on your face, it can often induce panic. But there's no need to worry about the first signs of aging skin! The correct skin care routine will help prevent premature aging and keep your complexion bright and youthful. A night creme along with a good eye creme are a must and our trusted Sleepwear "dream team" formulas take advantage of skin's natural nighttime process to fight the signs of aging. Want to simplify your anti-aging routine? Try all-in-one professional strength Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum to target all of your aging concerns.


Skin care enthusiast

Is skin care your passion? If you've ever been called a 'beauty guru' or a 'skin care junkie' you probably fit into this category. You might be a skin care enthusiast if you:

  • Simply can't live without all your skin care products
  • Are always on the hunt for a new product to try
  • Regularly receive professional facial treatments
  • Always make time for your skin – no matter what

Your perfect routine might look a little like this:

1) Cleanse

Even some skin care experts still use makeup wipes, but you know better by now. Don't you? Instead of reaching for a makeup wipe, which can cause breakouts, wrinkles and more, try 'double cleansing' instead. This process insures that you remove every last trace of makeup, dirt, excess oil and debris while prepping your skin for the absorption of active ingredients.

Simply cleanse your face and eye area with Makeup Dissolver Perfected. This non-stinging, no-tug formula removes all traces makeup – even water-resistant formulas – as it comforts and preps skin for cleansing. Makeup Dissolver Perfected contains a calming blend of marigold and eyebright natural extracts.

Follow this with a professional facial cleanser designed for your skin type for squeaky clean skin. Use lukewarm water and gently pat skin dry to prevent irritation.

2) Tone

As you probably already know, toners are your cleanser's best friend. They can saturate, hydrate and balance your skin post-cleanse with renewing, targeted ingredients. Toners, or tonics, can provide numerous different benefits to the skin depending on which kind you choose. They can:

  • Rid the skin of excess impurities and oil
  • Saturate the skin with problem solving ingredients
  • Keep skin hydrated
  • Prevent premature aging
  • Soothe irritated skin
  • Help your skin better absorb serums and moisturizers
  • Protect your skin from outside irritants

3) Exfoliate

We all know exfoliation is a must for a radiant complexion, but be careful– over exfoliation happens all too easily with the beauty obsessed. Depending on your skin and the type of exfoliation you choose, aim to exfoliate no more than 1-3 times per week with physical exfoliators to prevent damage. Always keep your pressure light. If you have super resistive skin and your skin tolerates it well, you can use a chemical exfoliator daily, but make sure to pay close attention to your skin and cut back if you notice redness or irritation.

4) Mask

We all love posting a good mask selfie on Instagram, but facial masks are good for so much more than just that! Masks can reveal the skin you want with highly concentrated formulas. If you're like us and have multiple skin concerns, you can even double mask or multi-mask. See our favorite facial mask combinations here.

Pro tip: Many people glob on their masks thickly, but this is actually counterproductive.  You only need a thin layer for the mask to work – it's a waste of product to apply any more.

5) Serums

Facial serums are lightweight, highly concentrated products formulated to deliver a higher dosage of beneficial ingredients to the skin. Many immediately think "anti-aging" at the mention of a serum, but serums can tackle much more than just lines and wrinkles. Sensitivities, breakouts, dryness, and excess oil are no match for a high quality serum.

6) Moisturize/Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

It's shocking how many skin-conscious people still don't wear a broad spectrum SPF. Even of those that wear sunscreen on a normal basis, many still go tanning! The most frequent excuse we hear is that they want a "base tan" to protect their skin before a big vacation. We hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as a base tan – any color is a sign of damage that will lead to prematurely aged skin and can even lead to cancer. We love a little color too, but stick with self-tanner for the sake of your skin.

Moisturizing at night (or in the morning over your SPF) is crucial to protect your Natural Moisturizing Factor. If you want hydrated, youthful, and plump skin your NMF needs to be functioning in tip top shape.

7) Under eye care

Between squinting, tugging, sun damage, genetics and so much more, there's no limit to the number of things that want to age the delicate skin around your eyes. Crow's feet causes alone are numerous and that is only one of many under eye skin concerns. While we have faith in your makeup ability, don't conceal the signs of aging eyes. Tackle it at the source with the right under eye skin care.

8) Anti-aging

Think you're too young for anti-aging skin care? Think again. Estheticians, dermatologists and researchers alike agree that it is important to start young to prevent premature aging. It's easy to take your skin for granted when you're young. And while some may think that anti-aging products are only for women in their 30's or older, it's actually crucial to start in your 20's. Ironically, the best anti-aging product is actually sunscreen – a product some people still refuse to wear.

Even with sunscreen and the right preventative care, our skin changes as we age. Stay on top of it with Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum. This advanced formula brightens, hydrates, smoothes, minimizes pores, improves lines, firms and more – all while tackling youth collagen (collagen III) to keep skin youthful and bright.


Still on the hunt for the perfect routine? Take this quick quiz to identify your skin type and find your perfect product recommendations.

If you have any questions about minimalist skin care or any other routine, sign up for our email newsletter or comment below!


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