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The New Microbeads Ban: Why Plastic Microbeads Are Bad

The New Microbeads Ban: Why Plastic Microbeads Are Bad

Does your skin care harm the environment? Plastic microbeads in facial scrubs have been widely used for decades, but now there's a call to ban them completely (a ban has already passed in Illinois), and for good reason! Read on to find out why there's growing concern about microbeads, and learn about some alternative, microbead-free products you can use to exfoliate your skin.

So why is there a call to ban microbeads? It's because most products that contain plastic microbeads (like exfoliating products and even toothpastes) are washed down the drain and pass unfiltered through treatment plants due to their small size and shape. The plastic microbeads then make their way into our rivers, canals and oceans, resulting in plastic particle water pollution.

Check your scrub's label – if you see "polyethylene" or "polypropylene" listed, it's made with plastic microbeads. Billions of these plastic microbeads are polluting waterways in high concentrations, especially the Great Lakes. They're even consumed by marine life, so there's a possibility we're consuming plastic microbeads when we eat seafood.

So how do you exfoliate for glowing, healthy skin – without harming the environment? Switch to a microbead-free exfoliator, like new Measured Micrograins +. It contains all natural jojoba beads that gently exfoliate the skin without harming the environment.


Measured Micrograins + is a multi-action scrub and mask that's environmentally friendly, and ideal for all skin types – even sensitive skin. It also controls oil, refines pores, strengthens and leaves skin with a refreshingly cool physiological sensation. Even if you haven't been able to tolerate an exfoliating, physical scrub before, Measured Micrograins + will be ideal. Read more about this skin-friendly and eco-friendly new formula here.

You can also see a full list of all our microbead-free exfoliators here.

If you have any questions about the microbeads ban, those pesky plastic microbeads, or microbead-free exfoliation, comment below!


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