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How to use a face mask & what kind you need

How to use a face mask & what kind you need

Face masks are an essential part of any good skin care routine, but how do you choose the right one? There are almost as many masks as there are skin concerns, but it doesn't have to be hard to identify your perfect formula. Read on to learn which mask is right for you and how to use a face mask correctly.


How to use a face mask

Before you choose your mask, let's cover the basics of how to use a face mask. Ideally, you should use a mask 1-3 times per week. Always cleanse and tone your skin before masking to achieve the best results. You can also exfoliate before masking, to help the formula penetrate more effectively.

Once your skin is prepped for your mask, apply a chickpea-sized amount to your face (and neck if you desire).

Pro tip: Many people glob on their masks thickly, but this is actually counterproductive.  You only need a thin layer for the mask to work – it's a waste of product to apply any more.

Leave your mask on for 10-15 minutes (per your formula's directions). Then rinse well with warm water and always follow with a moisturizer.


How to double mask

Double masking allows you to customize your skin care and maximize the results you see. There are two ways to double mask:

  • Apply different masks to specific areas of your face at the same time. This will tackle individual concerns in separate areas and is particularly useful for those with combination skin.
  • Use masks back-to-back to reap the benefits of both. Apply one mask first, then remove after the allotted time and apply a second mask immediately after.

To learn more about double masking, click here.


How to find the right face mask for you

Worried about pores, dullness, sensitivity, acne, or dry skin? Find your perfect facial mask formula below:

Your concerns: Problem pores, excess oil, dullness
Your face mask: Restorative Clay
It utilizes kaolin clay to vacuum up impurities and leave the skin's texture smooth and shine-free. Use this facial mask with combination or oily skin types.

Your concerns: Dryness, surface lines and wrinkles
Your face mask: Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy
This super-emollient creme mask works to deliver a swift surge of ultra-rich moisture that will transform dry, aging skin.

Your concerns: Congestion, pores, dullness, rough texture
Your face mask: Kerafole. This fan-favorite, tingling mask reveals new radiance and leaves skin brighter and smoother. You can use Kerafole in several different ways, including the popular and intensive 7 day 'Kerafole Purge'.

Your concerns: Acne breakouts, excess oil
Your face mask: Amino Mask
Its 5% sulfur formula penetrates deep into pores to remove excess oil and reduce acne pimples while the exfoliating lactic acid removes dead cells to keep skin smooth and clear.

Your concerns:Dullness, pores, excess oil – and sensitivities
Your face mask:Measured Micrograins +.
This multi-action scrub can also be used as a mask and is ideal for all skin types to exfoliate, balance, strengthen and soothe skin.



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