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How to sleep with makeup on (the answer will surprise you)

How to sleep with makeup on (the answer will surprise you)

Have you ever climbed into bed after a long day (or night) only to realize you're still wearing a full face of makeup? Oh well, sleeping with makeup on can't be that bad can it? Learn the truth about how to sleep with makeup on before it's too late for your skin.

How to sleep with makeup on

The answer to how to sleep with makeup on is simple: Don't do it.

The better question you should ask yourself: 'is it bad to sleep with makeup on'? That answer is absolutely YES! We all know that removing your makeup before bed can be a pain, but it's an absolute must if you want healthy, happy, clear skin.

Even if you think you're not wearing much makeup, your face collects sweat, oil, pollution and grime as the day goes on, which mixes with your makeup to cause serious problems – like congestion, irritation, redness and breakouts.

Your skin works hard overnight to repair itself from the day's damage, so It is absolutely vital to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin – so it can better do its reparative job. It's also important that you cleanse your face in the morning, as grime builds up on your skin overnight from your pillow, oil production, your hair, etc.

But what happens when you ignore our advice and sleep with makeup on?

1) Pimples and breakouts

If this one seems obvious, it's because it should. The most obvious sign of damage from sleeping with makeup on is that whiteheads, blackheads and other pimples rear their ugly heads. When makeup and dirt mixes with your natural oils overnight, it all gets trapped in your pores, creating the perfect breeding ground for acne bacteria. As your skin tries to deal with the bacteria, it becomes inflamed, eventually causing a full-blown breakout.

2) Large, clogged pores

Even if you are one of the lucky ones who rarely deals with acne, clogged and stretched out pores are in your future if you continue to sleep with your makeup on.  As the pore "fills up" with makeup and grime as you sleep, it stretches, making it appear larger. Improper cleansing is one of the biggest contributors to enlarged pores after genetics. When you remove your makeup and cleanse your skin, you give pores a chance to stay clean and healthy.

3) Irritation and redness

Even those without naturally sensitive skin can cause irritation and redness with improper skin care habits. This starts a vicious cycle of having to wear more makeup to cover the redness and irritation. When you sleep with makeup on, you can cause skin to get angry, irritated, red or intolerant – and when that happens, invisible inflammation sets in. This inflammation then encourages the production of free radicals that cause wrinkles and more. Break the cycle and get the complexion you want by cleansing your skin every night.

4) Dull, dry or uneven skin

When you don't follow the right nightly routine and remove your makeup, you risk dehydrating your complexion. If you have dehydrated skin, you may see premature aging lines, and a thin texture.  Any skin type can become dehydrated – even oily skin!


How to remove makeup the right way

Give your skin all the help it can get in order to repair from a day of damaging UV rays, smog, and pollution. Make it a habit to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin before bed – and don't skip a single night.

You may be tempted to reach for a makeup wipe, but that would be a mistake for your skin! Many people think makeup wipes are a good shortcut, but this is not the case. They do not remove all of your makeup, and they can leave behind pore-clogging residue.

Instead, try the double cleanse method. For the first cleanse, or pre-cleanse, use a professional formula designed to gently, but powerfully remove all makeup, like Makeup Dissolver Perfected. Finish with a daily cleanser for your skin type to completely remove impurities and ensure squeaky clean skin before bed.


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